How to Prevent House Mice from Living in your Walls

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your home and prevent house mice from invading it. House mice may look cute and adorable, but they are a real threat. They are a threat, not only to your home and properties but also to your health. House mice spread bacteria, contaminate food, spread deadly diseases, and can cause severe allergies. So, if you cannot prevent house mice from invading your home, then you are opening your entire family to huge life-threatening risks.

If you want to prevent house mice, then you need to understand their nature. House mice are tiny slender creatures; typically, 1-2 inches long. In addition, they are very flexible. They can easily squeeze into tiny holes. This flexibility is mainly because house mice have collapsible rib cages. This enables them to temporarily flatten themselves and squeeze through narrow spaces. So long as their head fits, then the rest of their body can squeeze in.

House mice prefer to live in cool, dark places. They are nocturnal creatures and tend to forage during the night. Thus, you will rarely see them during the day. In our homes, they tend to live in pantries, old boxes, cupboards, and other undisturbed areas. But their most preferred place to live when in our homes is between walls. Walls have tiny little gaps that provide comfort, security, and shelter for house mice. Given that it is extremely difficult for us to reach behind the walls, they can live at ease. So how do you prevent house mice from living between your walls?

Actually, it’s actually simple to prevent house mice from living between your walls. The first thing you need to do is to ensure there are no entry points for these pests. If you notice any holes or gaps, then seal them right away. You need to seal not just your walls, but your entire home. Go around your house, and check for any possible entryways like the gutter, insulation duct, attic window, etc.

Sealing your home is not enough to prevent house mice. Keep in mind that house mice are capable of creating gaps and holes by themselves using their powerful incisors. They will find ways to enter your home if they find a potential food source. Therefore, store all your food supplies in sealed and airtight containers. The same thing is said about pet food. Regularly clean your house. Don’t leave unwashed dishes in the sink. Don’t leave trash bins open for a long time and dispose of them regularly. Make sure your home is clutter-free. Do this and you will prevent house mice from entering your home.

However, should the event you notice signs of house mice in your home, it is best you contact a pest control company immediately. Don’t let house mice invade your home and make a nest of it.










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