3 Quick and Final Treatments for Black Widows in the Home

Nobody wants dangerous spiders in their home, and black widows are among the most dangerous. Not only is their bite often deadly, black widows are known for hiding in obscure places, making them hard to spot. It is rare for a black widow to bite a person, child, or pet, but when it happens, the results can be devastating. To learn how to keep your household safe from black widow spiders, look over these three treatments designed to kill spiders and prevent them from returning.

Close-up of Black Widow Spider in garden. The characteristic red hourglass on a shiny black body is clearly shown. Background includes fallen leaves, blades of grass, and weed block fabric.

1. Pesticides

Pet-friendly and child-friendly aerosol pesticides are available at the local department store, and when used in all of the right places, prove very effective against spiders. To make sure that no spiders come into the house, it is necessary to coat all of the possible entry points in pesticide. This means doors and windows, faucets, and the entry points of cables. If there is an unguarded opening, it is likely that spiders will eventually find their way through it. Non-toxic pesticide should also be used in possible hiding places for black widows. Remember that black widows seek out quiet, undisturbed areas of the home but may also appear elsewhere.

a black widow spider in it’s web showing the red hourglass on it’s body

2. Perimeter Control

Aside from pesticide, there are other precautions that will help to ward against black widows as well as other spiders. Old, broken window screens can be replaced, and cracks in the walls can be filled with caulk. Not all vents and chimneys come with screens, so it is important to purchase a screen if none is installed. To prevent spiders from being drawn toward the house, turn off all of the outdoor lights and close the curtains when lights are on inside. In serious cases, it may be necessary to change the garden layout. As plants and decorations may serve as a place for spider webs and hiding places, the home is more likely to be infested when such things surround the perimeter. To eliminate indoor hiding places, replace cardboard boxes with sealable plastic boxes and clear out any clutter that spiders may hide in. Keeping the house clear of crumbs will also limit the number of insects, which serve as food to spiders.

3. Call Pest Control

When all is said and done, it can be difficult to eradicate a spider problem alone. The experts at Treebark Termite and Pest Control are trained in finding and securing every opening that spiders may come through as well as every nook and cranny that spiders may hide in. Treebark Termite and Pest Control is an ally against unwelcome pests. To free your home of black widow spiders and other problems, give us a call. We are happy to help.


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