Why are There Ants in the Yard?

Ants in the yard are a common sight for many homeowners. While a few ants may not bring harm, a considerable colony can cause damage to your lawn and garden. Some ants can even bite and leave nasty stings. We have gathered some information to help you understand why there are ants in the yard in the first place.

Your Yard is an Open Buffet

You see ants in the yard because your yard is a steady food source. In fact, there are many food sources that ants can feed on. Since ants have an appetite for meat, ants will feed on small insects found in your yard. They will eat larvae, termites, worms, and other dead invertebrates. Ants also eat honeydew, produced by various garden pests, like aphids. There are even some ant species that will farm and protect these pests just to obtain a steady supply of honeydew.

The vegetation in your garden is also a reason why there are ants in the yard. Ants may feed on decaying plant matter, seeds, nectar, or even living plants. Some ant species also use plant material for farming the fungi they eat. Most of all, ants feed on trash, especially food crumbs, leftovers, and spilled drinks.

The Yard is Full of Moisture

Ants need water in order to thrive. Fortunately, your yard is full of moisture. If there are ants in the yard, then you need to watch out for possible sources of moisture. The number one possible source is leaky pipes. Ants will build a colony near leaking exterior pipes or outdoor faucets.

Water puddles from rain, gutter, or dripping hose are also a good source of moisture. Even things that collect water in the yard are a good source of moisture. It could be your garden pots, pet bowls, birdbaths, toys, and even kiddie pools.

Your Yard Provides Sufficient Shelter

Ants in the yard are present because your yard provides sufficient shelter. There are many undisturbed areas in your yard that can provide a safe place to build a nest. Most ants build nests in soil, which is plenty in your yard. The majority of them prefer dry soil that drains well – a trait that most yards have.

Ants in the yard are present also because of yard debris. Grass clippings, overgrown shrubs, rocks, tall grass, and leaf litter will shelter them. Ant species like carpenter ants also construct nests in decaying wood, trees, or even wooden structures in your yard.

If you have ants in the yard, then you should not let them stay for long. Seek the aid of a professional pest control company to help you make your yard ant-free!




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