Common Garage Pests in California

The garage is a place to shelter your car, tools, equipment, and others. Unfortunately, the garage also becomes a comfortable shelter for pests. It happens because the garage is usually left open – sometimes for a long period of time. This gives easy access to unwanted pests looking for a new home. So, what are the common garage pests?


Silverfish are one of the most common garage pests. It is a small, wingless, powdery, white bug that is hard to notice. It is agile and feeds on cardboard, clothes, books, books or anything that contains carbohydrates such as stored food.  Fortunately, they don’t pose a direct risk to humans because they don’t bite and are not known to carry deadly diseases. However, silverfish can damage your belongings.


Crickets are also common garage pests. In California, there are many types of crickets that may invade your garage. You can find house crickets, field crickets, and even scary-looking camel cricket. They don’t bring any harm but their diet may cause you trouble. Crickets feed on plant material. Therefore, they can cause damage to fabrics, wood, and paper products. In addition, having crickets in your garage may attract other pests that feed on them.


Speaking of pests that feed on crickets, the number one suspect on the list is a spider. Spiders are common garage pests that are more of a nuisance than a huge threat. The webs they spin would clutter your garage. Sometimes, dust would accumulate on the webs and make your garage filthier. There are cases wherein venomous spiders would enter your garages like the dreaded black widow, brown widow, and recluse spiders. These spiders are highly dangerous and could threaten you and your family.


Of course, we should never forget about mice when it comes to common garage pests. Mice love the garage because it is a comfortable place to stay, especially during the fall and the winter. The garage offers perfect accommodations for it provides not only comfortable bedding but also a tasty supply of food to feast on. As we all know, mice are dangerous. They spread germs and can cause various diseases.


Of all the common garage pests, nothing is scarier than termites. Termites feed on cellulose found in wood, which is a crucial building material. Termite infestation in your garage will lead to a serious problem in the long run. It will only take at least 3 years for a termite colony to do serious and irreparable damage.  If you see termites in your garage, act immediately and call a professional termite control service.












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