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Termites exist in nature. They will always exist and as long as we have wooden construction, we will always have termite damage issues as homeowners. With this in mind, Treebark termite and pest control have developed a system used to control AND prevent termites. A lot of traditional methods of termite control revolve around control but offer nothing in the way of preventing termites from returning. Termite Control in Buena Park has to include preventative measures to have any chance of long term success. If you are collecting estimates, please consider getting a termite inspection from us. We specialize in naturally derived termite control and have an organic pest control service.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control Buena Park

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Florence Sciverit
06:44 13 Mar 21
Impressive teamwork concerning the elimination of stubborn pests! Well done.
Evan Travis
08:14 11 Mar 21
Highly satisfied with your services in making our condo free from insects. Keep this on.
Zoe S.
06:58 09 Mar 21
Got an immediate response from customer service. Again, the technician arrived on time. Worked with perfection.
Thomas Harris
07:37 01 Mar 21
For termites, TreeBark is the best solution without a doubt!
Trevor Davies
11:26 26 Feb 21
They used a kind of cover to protect sensitive plants. By doing so, I could get rid of stubborn red ants with no damage to the garden.
Clarine B. Telford
06:53 24 Feb 21
We have been using Treebark Pest Control company for the past 05 years and are very impressed by the service we receive. As a child care center, we have to be careful in what chemicals are used in the building. And Treebark team has always been super professional in providing the right service. We cannot recommend this company highly enough.
Wanda Duncan
07:11 22 Feb 21
None of pest control treatment is a big deal for Treebark guys. They worked on termites, ants, cockroaches, and now on mice. Got excellent result on all.
Aubrette Querry
06:52 17 Feb 21
After seeing such fine work for termite removal, I thought their charges would be high. Well, I was wrong coz Treebark charged me fairly. Thank you.
Kimberly Payne
13:24 12 Feb 21
I thought the team would require weeks to remove flea infestation from my house, but they did it in just a few days. Very surprising for me!!
Michael Martinez
06:20 09 Feb 21
They not only finished the work on time but also suggested some important measures to avoid pests from entering our house. Thanks :)
Capucine Prideux
06:37 30 Jan 21
Had good pest control services (on multiple pests) at affordable rates. Not sure if they send the same team again for farmhouse fumigation. I hope they can do so.
Carlos LeonGarcia
06:51 28 Jan 21
Whether it's regular pest removal work or call during an emergency, Treebark stands best in all aspects. I trust them.
Holly Cole
07:18 25 Jan 21
I will give 5 stars to excellent customer service at Treebark, At the same time, I wanna appreciate such effective pest control treatment. Fine, overall.
Oren Oconnor
00:18 23 Jan 21
They took care of everything my property needed. The job was done was flawlessly done, thank you for the help. Will call you again soon.
Bain Rex B.
07:34 21 Jan 21
Thanks to the professional team at Treebark. They were on time, did the pest control work quickly, and charged a very reasonable price as compared to other companies.
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Types of termite treatments available Buena Park



There are two types of termite treatments available For Termite Control Buena Park. The most recognizable are the fumigations. People refer to this treatment as tenting. Fumigation is a large bag or tarp placed over the home, and a poisonous gas released into the home. This poisonous gas circulates over the course of 72 hours. In those three days, a lot happens.  The tent goes up, the gas circulates inside, the tent comes down. Fumigation is for the control of Drywood termites only. The hassles involved with fumigation are extreme and are as follows

The hassles include:

  • Moving out of your home for three days
  • Bagging up all of your food and medicine
  • Boarding your pets and removing your animals
  • Plant and roof damage
  • Unauthorized entry into your home occurs


Localized Termite Treatments

These treatments are referred to as spot treatment and carry a negative connotation. The type of materials used by the company performing the treatment is important. In years past, companies would use the cheapest materials possible charging the most amount of money possible to maximize profits. This left homeowners with situations where the infestation spread. This is concerning. These cheap materials often are detectable by the termites and offered no residual past the initial treatment.

What makes Treebark Different?

Treebark trademarked termite elimination system controls both types of termites without you having to leave your home. It does not require bagging your food or your medicine. Treebark’s material does not have a signal word. It is not harmful to your family. The material is undetectable to the termite allowing the treatment to control the entire colony without spreading. The residual of the material lasts years preventing termites. Treebark system has multiple components designed to protect the various areas of hotbed infestations found in Buena Park. Call today for a free inspection by one of our licensed termite inspectors. The inspector will identify areas of infestation and go over the required treatment needed for total control all while documenting where they are.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control’s Treebark Final System


Treebark Termite and Pest Control use naturally derived products. We use ultra-low dose materials in our own homes, as well as in our customer’s homes. Our Organic Pest Control service in with our Natural Termite Service and you have an extremely effective system of control. We have prevention, control and maintenance all included. Everything your home needs to stay pest and termite free. Let’s go over everything together.

Termite Control Service

There are two types of termites here in Buena Park. Both termites are able to damage your home fast. Without knowing what to look for, you could be allowing termites into your home. Our Inspections are free and come with a written estimate as well as a diagram of where all the termites were found.

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Drywood Termite

Redhead, Black body, clear wings, straight body

These fly around in Fall

You will see pellets (poop) around July or August

They come every year

Subterranean Termite

Blackhead, Black body, clear wings, straight body

These will fly around in Spring, Right after a rain.

You will start seeing mud tubes on your walls in February

They come every year

Organic Pest Control Service

We spritzy spray the finest of the cinnamon oil, essential oil goodness. The Do’Terra of Pest Control.


Creepy Crawlers. We kill these by spraying the eaves and knocking down the webs.


We step on them. No, just kidding. We use the Treebark Product.


We spray the entire yard with an organic pest control spray


The general service prevents infestations. When an outbreak occurs we use a lil stronger material called an IGR.

We have to come back two times for fleas.

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Exterminator in Buena Park


We offer rodent and rat control services in Buena Park, Ca. If you are hearing noises like scratching or biting at night, maybe seeing eaten stuff around the yard, call today for a free exterminator inspection. We can identify what exactly you are hearing, what exactly you are seeing and most importantly we can find where they are coming from. Once you know where they are coming from abatement and exclusion services will lock them in and lock them out. Then we trap the ones left inside. Collecting the carcasses over the next few weeks allows us to control the remaining rats inside your home. You are now rat free but not done yet. They have pee’d and poop’d all over your insulation and chewed through ducting and wiring. We need to remove and replace the insulation as well as replace the chewed stuff.
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