Chlorantraniliprole (TreeBark) from South America is Syngentas revolutionary new product that Naturally KILLS Bugs, Destroys Their Colonies, and KEEPS Them Off Your Property for YEARS!

The world is crying for a way to kill pests without harming people, pets, and plants. Everyone wants an all-natural GREEN solution that works well.

We’ve got the answer. Our TreeBark is the all-natural way to kill bugs. And it doesn’t just work. It works FAR BETTER than conventional poisons.

Bugs have been around for millions of years. Why? Because they can adapt. When the extermination industry comes out with a new chemical, bugs evolve further. Next year, bugs just laugh at the pesticide. So the chemical companies have to increase their dosage, make their poison stronger, and constantly be in an arms race against bugs.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make sure all these innovations in synthetic poisons are safe for humans. And very frequently the major extermination corporations get sued for causing severe harm to humans and pets.

Now you can completely AVOID the many dangers of pesticides with the Earth’s all-natural treatment for bugs. chlorantraniliprole (TreeBark) kills bugs dead, immediately, and keeps them from coming back for up to a decade.

Powerful TreeBark is a formula based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant Ryania Speciosa. Our team of researchers figured out a way to extract this compound.

But boy is it powerful! In our tests we treated a home that was badly infested with termites. Within 3 months of applying chlorantraniliprole (TreeBark), ALL termites were gone. It killed the termites, destroyed their advanced colonies, and has kept termites completely OFF the entire property for years.

How TreeBark Works:

  • Foraging termites come into contact with the TreeBark Product because they cannot taste or smell it. Termites walk through it, ingest it, and carry it on their bodies.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralyzed and they can no longer eat.
  • Exposed termites interact with others and quickly spread TreeBark throughout the colony.
  • Soon termites become lethargic. They get muscle paralysis and die.

Now your home is termite-FREE within just 3 months. And because Treebark is still on your property, termites can’t come back for years.

We can treat your entire property for as little as $360 Annually. And that includes us coming back to re-treat any areas that need it. We guarantee our work for 1 full year.

Call NOW for your no-obligation discussion and to schedule your appointment. You will get highly effective bug treatment at a price that can’t be beat.
Aaron Cunningham