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Got Termites? If you are seeing Termite Droppings or Termite swarmers and are in need of Termite Control Services in Santa Monica, Call today for a free inspection and estimate. Termite Control in Huntington Beach is not the only fumigation. If you are looking for termite services that do not require you to move out, do not use poisonous gases or cause plant and roof damage, call us today. We can have an inspector out to your home likely the same day. We provide a thorough inspection, a written estimate and termite control that is effective without fumigation. Call now for a free in-home inspection and estimate.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control Santa Monica

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Mabel Jones
08:24 19 Mar 21
The team was thorough. They checked around the backyard of the house and sprayed the pesticides there too. It’s been a proud thing hiring them!
Calvin Martin
13:09 17 Mar 21
Unlike other service providers, they use the best and natural products for pest control. Great!!
Ben Robertson
12:38 16 Mar 21
Their technicians came and eradicated all the termites from my house easily. Very impressive!
Ava Morrison
07:59 12 Mar 21
Treebark is my go-to emergency pest control service, as they always respond to my calls whenever there is an emergency. I have recommended them to my friends as well.
Michael Lewis
11:05 10 Mar 21
I have been hiring their services for a long time now and I am having a great experience with them. Best wishes.
Francis Lynch
10:13 08 Mar 21
They got me rid of all the cockroaches around my house with their pest control services. Happy customer…
Jeremy Perry
11:09 04 Mar 21
Happy client. Your services and rates are really impressive and affordable too…
Marisa Scognamiglio
08:23 04 Mar 21
There were worms and grasshoppers all over my pumpkin plantation. Treebark managed to eliminate them all in no time. Thank you so much, guys.
Awad Omar
13:28 02 Mar 21
Can confidently recommend Treebark to people. I had satisfactory results on 5+ treatments. Will call them for further work!
Ryan Tucker
12:26 01 Mar 21
Bed bugs gave me skin rashes and irritation. It had become too much and intolerable. Called upon treebark and they fixed it in few hours. Bug-free bed, finally!
Sally Bailey
10:53 27 Feb 21
Super happy with the pest controller's professionalism. They were on time and completed the work quickly.
Lauren Smith
13:16 25 Feb 21
I am very pleased with your service thus far. The professionals arrived right on time to do the treatment for stink bugs. They even noticed carpenter bees buzzing around and treated that. The information I was given about the habits of various pests was quite helpful. Thank you..
Roy Hughes
09:46 25 Feb 21
Finally my house is rodent and lizard-free. My kids were terrified of them. Thank you, treebark team.
Angela Smith
13:13 23 Feb 21
We got the pest control done by them, 4 months ago. And it is almost time for our next quarterly pest control, but we haven't noticed any insects yet. Fabulous work, team!
Valentine Jodion
06:53 20 Feb 21
The professionals came for the final inspection and did a really good job. Happy with the service.
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Free Termite Inspection in Santa Monica

There are a few areas in Santa Monica homes that MUST be inspected annually. Termites and Pests have evolved knowing that once detected their lively hood is at risk. They have become the ultimate “Hide and Wait” creatures often appearing in the most inconvenient times. knowing the hot spots and the areas that they prefer is crucial in detection. Let’s go through a short list of extremely important inspection areas:


The attic opening in most Santa Monica homes is going to fall into two places, inside the closet or in the hallway. Infestations inside the attic are usually caused by one of two scenarios. Scenario 1 assumes the infestation first occurred from the outside rafter tails leading the termites inside.

The other Scenario, 2, would be the infestation occurring when a swarmer entered the home attic from a vent. Most attics have vents on both sides of the home for ventilation. Swarmers enter the home through these ventilation vents. We typically see infestation around the sills of the vents.


Sub Area

Being honest with yourself, when the last time you went under your home? I have asked this question maybe 1,000 times over my career and the answer is always the same. Too long to remember. This is very problematic as Termite Damage can occur in as little as two years with dry wood and 4 years with subterranean. If it has been years since the last time like many, you likely have an infestation causing damage.

We are dealing with nature. Termites are present in trees, fences, and underground. They are not specifically targeting your home but seeing as all the wood under your home is exposed… They can “Smell” it and head straight for it. These insects have evolved over the years to be extremely capable of finding wood to infest.


Another hotbed of infestation. Garages due to the wide-open nature of them and a lot contain exposed unfinished wood studs. We see a lot of infestation around the garage door jam. Once inside they spread to the other members of the structure. Garages are able to be self inspected. If you are seeing droppings or experiencing sand like pellets that return after sweeping, chances are you have a dry wood termite infestation.

Exterior Wood Members Like Rafters and Fascia

The most common of all the areas mentioned. The exterior of your home gets attacked by flying termites every single year. No joke. If you don’t have an infestation today chances are over the years you will have one. Just a matter of time. Inspecting the exterior of your home by yourself is much harder as the wood is often primed and painted.

This causes the termites to eat from the center of the board first. Damage beneath painted surfaces can take a few years of damage before the paint breaks under the stress and reveals just how much damage has occurred. Even thought out of season, we get tons of calls around Christmas for Drywood termites from people putting their Christmas lights up.
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Pest Control Services in Santa Monica, Treebark Termite and Pest Control


If you are in Santa Monica and looking for pest control services please give us a call. We have an Organic Pest Control Service that is low impact and with proper IPM techniques is just as effective as the traditional pesticides that have proven to be extremely toxic. We control all different types of general pest control and I have compiled a list of the most common insects we get calls about:






How Much is Pest Control in Santa Monica?

Everything I mentioned above is included in our general pest control service. We charge $90 every three months to come back out and reapply the organic barrier. If you see anything return during the 90-day treatments, call us and we will be back out within 24 hours. We sometimes are forced to charge an additional cost up front for Roaches and Fleas as they require multiple return visits for complete control.

How Often Should I have A Pest Control Spraying

Every three months. Sometimes depending on season you can get away with more or less, but in our experience every 90 days provides the best overall effectiveness
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Exterminators In Santa Monica, near Me


We are full-service pest control and exterminating company. If you are seeing termites, pests, and or rats, call us today for a free inspection and estimate. Exterminating for rodents, rats, and mice doesn’t have to include poisons that place your family pets in harm’s way. We use the 300-year-old rat trap technique. You might think “Well I can do that” No. No, you can’t. You have already tried that’s why you are here. Don’t use baits. They are pure poison and because anything that consumes the bait is now poisoned anything that eats the carcass is also capable of being dealt a deadly dose of poison. Lots of terrible companies out there open the attic hatch, chuck bait around and then come back later hoping for dead rats. I cannot tell you how many dead rats in walls I have seen over the years. Gross.
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