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Located in the midst of the San Joaquin Hills, residents of Laguna Niguel savor the natural beauty of nearby coastal California. We enjoy an area of remarkable scenic power! Yet our community’s close proximity to awesome open spaces should not blind anyone, especially homeowners, to one potentially unwelcome aspect of life in this region: termites.

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Residents of Coastal California frequently encounter an enhanced termite risk due to local climatic conditions. (Of course, this fact seems a miniscule burden considering the loveliness of this region.) By taking reasonable precautions, property owners today can significantly reduce their chances of sustaining financial losses as a result of the widespread presence of termite colonies in Orange County. You’ll frequently notice online termite exterminator reviews in Laguna Niguel CA, for example.

A Fascinating Insect

It does make sense to learn as much as possible about this subject if you own real estate here, or if you have ever considered investing in a home or business in the Laguna Niguel area. Termites surprise many people because of their remarkable capabilities. For instance, did you know this amazing termite trivia:

Some experts believe the total combined weight of the world’s termite populations exceeds the combined weight of all the human beings on our planet?
Termites evolved over centuries from the same ancestors as cockroaches;
Termites eat wood; A colony of termites will consume wood on a 24/7/365 basis nonstop!

Termites in Orange County

Termites actually thrive in Orange County. Since these insects consume wet wood, they frequently enjoy population booms following natural disasters like floods, heavy rains, forest fires or mudslides.

Why? All of these environmental situations result in tree losses! Uprooted, fallen tree trunks provide a great habitat for insect infestations. As the wood rots, the termites feast! Unfortunately, termites sometimes choose to migrate from outdoor settings into nearby homes and office buildings. They don’t distinguish between decaying logs and the treated boards and lumber used in residential construction.

How Many Termites Does an Average House Have?

Perhaps you’ve heard local people in Laguna Niguel wondering aloud “how many termites does an average house have?” and then rejoicing in the fact no one has seen more than one or two of these pesky bugs in the vicinity. Unfortunately, noticing even a single termite usually means many more insects lurk unseen somewhere nearby. Termites reside in colonies, never alone!

If you’ve noticed even one or two termites in your block, it often proves more cost-effective to ask “how many termite control company estimates should I get?”. Termites eat a lot of wood. Incredibly perhaps, they can consume parts of residential structures without making loud noises. A serious termite infestation in a home may remain undetected by the residents for months (or even years).

Safeguarding Your Real Estate in Laguna Niguel

If you reside in Laguna Niguel, it usually makes sense to request a termite inspection on a periodic basis. Our climatic conditions and proximity to lovely open spaces warrant taking this precaution.

Check termite exterminator reviews in Laguna Niguel CA to find a company (like ours) which provides a free termite inspection upon request. We offer this service without obligation, by the way. (Hopefully, when you ask us to check for signs of termites you’ll discover you live in a termite free property and you won’t need to proceed to the next step of wondering “how many termite control company estimates should I get?” at all.)

Pet-Friendly Termite Extermination Measures

Most homeowners don’t appreciate the idea of spraying a lot of toxic pesticides across their property. That notion does not appeal to us, either! We handle insecticides with caution.

If you do discover termites, a recent scientific breakthrough in termite control technology will please you. We use specially-designed formulations derived from the bark of a South American tree known as Ryania speciosa. This product eliminates termite colonies, but in the amounts we apply it won’t harm people or other mammals, like dogs or cats. In fact, this material even proves safe for “pocket pets” such as gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs. We can treat your premises safely to eliminate termites without endangering the health and well being of your household!

Further Information

If you’d like to speak with us about Termite Control Laguna Niguel, simply call 1-714-406-4919. We offer free termite inspections in Laguna Niguel! We assist homeowners in California by identifying termite infestations. Ask us about our safe, reliable methods for protecting homes and businesses against termite colonies.

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