Naturally Derived Termite Control and Pest Control Walnut

Termite Control doesn’t have to mean fumigation. We provide termite control services in walnut without you having to leave your home, bag your food or suffer roof damages. Treebark Final can control the termites you have in your home with strong, effective and naturally derived materials. We go into great detail about our product and what makes it so unique Click Here for More Information.

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If you are looking for a way to control the termite infestation but also solve the ants, spiders, crickets and all the other bugs you might have (fumigation doesn’t kill these things, let alone prevent them from returning like our treatments) Call Now. We are open 24/7 to schedule your free inspection, brochure, an estimate.

Termite and Pest Control Walnut CA


A suburb lying to the eastern side of Los Angeles County, Walnut is a city in Southern California. Just like most suburbs, Walnut has its share of termites and pests. There are two different kinds of termites that plague this area during different times of the year.

Types of Termites in Walnut, Ca


Drywood Termites

Drywood termites have black bodies, redheads, and wings. These guys shoot out pellets starting early July, which that will more than likely be your first sign of these little guys. They swarm in the fall. That’s when you will see them flying around until they’ve found their new home somewhere in the wood of your home. You may also see wings just lying around. That means the termite has found his new home in your wood. Once the termite finds his new wood home they discard their wings.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are quite often mistaken as ants, although they are bigger than ants. They are small black bodied bugs. These come from the ground and can cause some serious damage. These guys create tubes that frequently fool you as just dirt on the side of your home. They typically come out after a nice rain shower on a warm day in February-March.

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Termite Treatments We Provide Specifically For Walnut



In dealing with these little annoying bugs, you want to have a professional handle it. You have a couple of different treatment options when it comes to getting rid of and controlling these pests. Here at Treebark Termite, we like to area treat, you treat the wood where the infestation is occurring and it protects the wood from re-infestation.



While tenting kills the bugs that are currently present, it doesn’t protect you from bugs returning. Not to mention the hassle of bagging up food, medicines, your family and pets for a few days. Along with putting you in a vulnerable position of the possibility of having a burglary. Have we mentioned the toxic gases that are released, gases that can kill!! These gases not only release into your home but into the air, along with the air your neighbors could be breathing.

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