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What is organic Pest Control?

You might be wondering what is organic pest control. Natural Pest Control starts with integrated pest management. The act of managing pests without insecticides or pesticides. Most integrated pest management companies are also commonly known as “Organic Pest Control”. Simply because they do not use the poisons. Termite Companies like Treebark Termite and Pest Control offer Organic Pest Control services that include Cinnamon Oil, Neem Oil and other Essential Oils for pest prevention. This coupled with integrated pest management provides the perfect balance in pest control.


What does organic pest control mean?

Simply put? Nothing. It means absolutely nothing. It’s a buzz word industry-wide as the consumer desires safe products for their family and homes. If you are looking for Organic and Safe methods of termite control you should look at companies who use products like Nature-Cide and Altriset. These products are as close to natural pest control in Arcadia as you can get. Most companies products from the late 1990’s still. Yep. Super cheap and just gross but whatever.

Whats Pest Control in Arcadia Cost?

We charge $90 per quarter. Every three months we return to relay the organic materials we use. We have to return to stay effective. The days of dumping poisons on your property and having the effects last years are gone. That same residual that kept everything dying for months and months? Had the same albeit lesser effect on you. Here’s a link to Chlordane, some of the nastiest stuff to ever exist outside of DDT. These are the materials that gave you endless months of dead bugs. My organic products won’t last as long but they are not going to kill you either.

*We may have to charge more than $90 on the initial visit if you have Fleas or Cockroaches. Depends on how many raid cans we find in your trash can and how super mutant you’ve made them self treating. :P

What Termite Companies Use Natural Products?

Treebark, Treebark, and Treebark. I hate to sound redundant but while most companies can offer termite or pest control products that they do no one actually uses only the naturally derived materials. Other companies will just say they use it and use something else. I would stick to a company who advertises only Natural Pest Control Products. If there was any doubt check the reviews from the Terminix and Orkin of the world…Not Good. Please support local business, giving the national brands business just fattens a shareholder. Supporting local business means more jobs, income, and transactions in your neighborhood. That how communities thrive.

What are some Local Termite Companies in Arcadia?


There’s quite a few actually. Treebark Termite and Pest Control ratings are higher than the others. “I went through hours of research locating each termite control company in Arcadia and found that almost none actually perform organic pest control services. A lot of them said that they could get those products but that they would be doing it specifically for me. If you are looking for a termite control company in Arcadia for a free termite inspection try these guys” I have heard things like this since we opened the doors. This is where the positive feedback comes from. We actually provide Organic Pest services as a primary service.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control


We specialize in Pest Control services that include products that advertised as less harmful to human beings. Most companies sell this to you, the consumer, but for the most part, we do it for the technicians who have to use it every day. You see you might be around the pest control person for a few minutes at most, maybe a few hours if for termites. The technicians are around these materials every single day. It is important that they are the least effective for humans.

Arcadia is the most important town in Los Angeles County. The density of its population along with the construction vogue of the homes create termite control a requirement. Annual termite inspections are going to specialize in protecting your home from Termite Harm. Arcadia residents are not covered for Termites and their damage by Insurance Policies creating treatment and prevention a must. With Termites being seasonal pests, being able to spot which type of termite you’re seeing is important.

Types of Termites in Arcadia

Drywood Termites

End of Spring Starting of Summer (July) Drywood Termites begin removing their droppings from the galleries they need to be created among the wood. Pellet production of the colony stays consistent through this point but is more noticeable by the house owner. Each pellet pushed out by the termite colony may be a portion of your wood simply digested and eaten by a termite. The termites are pushing the insufficient droppings out of the colony to empty the galleries for the reproductive alates (swarmers) to pack inside. Swarmers are the winged termites that exit the colony end of summer/starting of fall (September/October). These flying termites exit the colony to enter into new items of wood and create their own colony as queens/kings.

Subterranean Termites

Exiting Winter (March/April) while it’s still raining Subterranean Termites swarm. These winged termites exit the colony en mass in hopes of finding suitable wet soil/ground to burrow. Subterranean Termites never see the sunshine of day apart from swarming day. The Queen, King and every one of the workers are underground. Subterranean Termites build mud tunnels through foundation cracks within the slab of your home to achieve the wall studs made of wood. These hidden destroyers consume giant quantities of your home while not your data. Discovering Subs happens when they swarm inside the house.

Arcadia Termite Treatments


Fumigations by Tenting

Fumigation may be a method designed to regulate Drywood Termite infestations. We place large significant tarps over your home and then inject poisonous gas. This process is dear, normally costing between $1500-$3000USD depending on the measurements of the home. Drawbacks embrace broken tiles, plant injury, moving out of your home for 3 days and bagging up your food/drugs. This specific treatment does not remove or eliminate Subterranean Termite Colonies requiring an extra charge for control.

Treebark Final

The Treebark Termite and Pest Control System labeled as “Final” could be a comprehensive approach to termite and pest control. Not solely will the system use materials that are safe for your family and pets but controls all insects as well as general pest and termites (both types!). What you’ve got within the Treebark Final system is many services underneath one treatment approach using the safest material within the trade. If you were to feature up the costs of each service Treebark Final covers by a competitor the savings of the final system would be several thousand bucks. There very isn’t any higher solution for your homes termite and pest management wants.

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