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Did You Know?

Vibrant Cypress enjoys close proximity to several other municipalities within the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Our community sits just a short drive away from Hawaiian Gardens, Los Alamitos, Stanton, Garden Grove, Lakewood, Long Beach, La Palma, Buena Park and Anaheim. At first glance, this well-connected, bustling location might not impress homeowners as a likely spot to find termites.

However, that assumption proves incorrect! Termites thrive in many parts of Orange County, including Cypress. The insects consume trees, stumps and timber. Colonies sometimes attack wood framed homes and apartment buildings in this location.

Not a “Termite Spray Walmart” Problem

A residential termite infestation does not lend itself to an easy DIY “termite spray Walmart” solution, either. While it might seem tempting if someone notices a termite to head to a local grocery or department store and purchase an off-the-shelf insecticide in order to kill termites, most experts urge property owners to consult with a licensed pest control authority first. An effective termites treatment involves much more than simply destroying one or two insects.

Why? What makes solving a termite problem so complicated? Won’t eliminating any termites you observe protect your home from further harm? Sadly, no. (In fact, imagining that simply killing visible termites will safeguard valuable real estate from further damage could prove a very costly mistake!). You need a proffessional for termite control in cypress.

An Unseen Threat

First, termites never live alone! They reside in large, hungry colonies. Human beings rarely see termites in a home, because usually these insects burrow inside wood or underground. Second, for every termite you do observe, a thousand others might remain hidden nearby, chewing inside walls, under flooring, or within the interiors of roofing or wooden siding. Simply relying on an off-the-shelf bug spray to kill any termites you happen to see remains a very ineffective strategy.

In fact, even pest control companies in the past often encountered difficulty removing termite infestations from a residence. Many homeowners in Orange County dreaded the termites treatment regimens they had to endure to maintain real estate in termite-free condition. Pesticide firms would sometimes tent the entire house and pump powerful, noxious toxins inside the home in an effort to fumigate. These applications usually left foul-smelling odors in the home. The chemical residues could pose a poisoning hazard for unwary pets and young children.
Termite Control in Cypress Doesn't Mean You Have to Fumigate

A Promising New Development

Fortunately, Treebark Termite And Pest Control can offer some welcome news to homeowners in Cypress. A recent breakthrough in termite treatments now enables us to use a reliable, much nicer termite application derived from the bark of a tree, Ryania speciosa. In the quantities we apply, this formulation won’t even require customers (or their pets) to vacate the premises temporarily. Plus, it does not leave unpleasant odors in the home. Termite Control in Cypress doesn’t have to kill the planet

Our termite applications also prove far more effective than employing off-the-shelf bug sprays because they don’t kill insects quickly. Termites survive long enough to return to the colony and spread the termite treatment to other insects. This strategy offer greater protection against termite damage than simply endeavoring to kill termites on the premises at the time of a treatment application.

Obtain a Free Termite Inspection

Termite colonies perform a valuable service in the natural world. These insects break down rotting logs, branches and vegetative materials in the soil. Yet when termites transfer their activities to man-made structures, they may exact a heavy financial toll because their chewing activities weaken the internal integrity of wood. A severe termite infestation which remains unchecked for months or years requires a homeowner to replace damaged wooden structures in the residence. People usually prefer instead to learn about termite activity as soon as possible so they can obtain assistance removing the termites before extensive property damage occurs. Termite Control in Cypress doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our company offers a free home termite inspection for your convenience. We’ll check the residence and grounds carefully for any signs of an infestation. This service pleases many property owners in Cypress. If we do observe evidence of termite activity, we’ll bring the problem to your attention promptly.

Further Information

To obtain further information about our services, or to schedule your free Cypress home termite inspection, simply call 714-406-4919. You can also reserve your appointment now by completing the convenient website form.

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