How We Discovered The South American Tree Bark That Is Revolutionizing Green Termite Control – and Rid Homes Of This Dangerous and Damaging Pest Without Dangerous Chemicals

We were desperate to find a way to kill bugs without harming your children, pets, and plants.

My job was to talk with home owners about how to kill the pests in their homes.

My employer told me all the poisons we used were safe for humans. But there was plenty of scientific evidence that told me just the opposite was true.

This stuff was BAD, really bad for your family and your pets.

I couldn’t in good conscience keep telling customers the treatments for pests were safe. By that time I had gotten wind of the practically unknown South American Tree Bark that was the most effective bug control ever known.

The more We looked into this bark and tested it, the more we realized the stories were true. This bark drives termites out of your home, destroys their colony, and keeps them away for a full decade.

It’s cheaper and MUCH safer than conventional bug poisons. And while termites develop immunity to poisons, they don’t have a chance against my all-natural tree bark method.

We know you want the same for your family. There is no way you’re going to settle for corporate bug poisons in your home. Especially when extermination companies are frequently sued and pay big fines for causing harm with dangerous poisons.

Instead, join me for the GREEN revolution in termite control. This all-natural bark that has NO negative effect on humans, animals, or plants, is HIGHLY effective against termites.

We are on a mission to spread the wisdom of South American Tree Bark to all corners of our planet. Not only is it the environmentally responsible way to protect your home from termites, it’s by far the most effective.