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Does your household include a beloved four-footed friend? Many people who own cats, dogs or “pocket pets” (such as hamsters and guinea pigs) dread the prospect of selecting termite extermination methods. In the past, pest control companies usually relied on very powerful, toxic insecticides to eradicate wood-eating insects. These chemicals sometimes caused health concerns for people and their pets.

In fact, every year the United States Environmental Protection Agency receives literally thousands of reports about accidental poisonings. The victims often include cherished household pets. Dogs and cats frequently come into contact with pesticides sprayed across attics, foundations, basements and crawl spaces. Just like other mammals, pets can suffer serious medical consequences as a result of exposure to certain insecticides. No wonder many homeowners in Rancho Santa Margarita hope to locate pet-friendly termite protection!

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Of course, eliminating residential termite infestations necessarily concerns property owners in our master planned Orange County community, too. The goal of achieving a termite-free residence probably deserves a very high priority! Termites thrive in this region of California. Unfortunately, every year these insects cause extensive real estate losses.


Human beings rarely observe termite colonies. Somewhat resembling ants in appearance, termites usually don’t strike most people as a serious hazard- until they notice all the destruction these tiny insects leave in their wake!

Termite Damage


Termites consume wood with gusto. They reside in underground colonies. Individual termites usually remain largely hidden from view, chewing into rotting tree limbs, boards, lumber and residential wood siding. Like ants, termites will leave subterranean nests and climb above ground scavenging for food. These insects can even ascend up steep sides of buildings, penetrating into the interiors of walls, floors and roofs. They wreak a lot of havoc on surrounding structures.

Sometimes people only realize a dwelling has sustained a termite infestation when residents notice wooden stairs, decks or railings growing inexplicably rickety. Polished floorboards suddenly develop creaks. Small leaks in roofs rapidly transform into rivulets during rainstorms after termites chew away wet wood and enlarge holes in the rafters. Individual termites rarely attract a homeowner’s attention, but the expansion of a local colony will often leave some very noticeable, unwelcome, impacts upon real estate!

Effective Termite Extermination Methods


Since termites pose a recognized real estate threat across most of Orange County, residents of Rancho Santa Margarita must spend time considering termite protection issues. At the very least, it makes sense to schedule termite inspections by a qualified expert on a periodic basis.

If you discover your home does suffer from a termite infestation, you’ll want to consider the impacts of different termite treatment chemicals. Since termites usually cause damage inside wood, in the past eradicating them completely from a residential environment often posed a significant challenge. Pest control companies frequently employed powerful toxins against termites precisely because these insects can burrow deeply into wooden structures. Bringing termites into contact with a sufficient quantity of insecticide often required temporarily evacuating all the residents, tenting a home and then infusing the premises with poisonous gases.

Some Good News!

Fortunately, recent advances in the development of termite toxins has given homeowners in Rancho Santa Margarita some welcome relief. Our company uses new, state-of-the-art termite treatment chemicals. For instance, scientists discovered an extract derived from the bark of the Ryania speciosa tree will exert a powerful impact on some insects without harming mammals. In the amounts we apply, this potent substance won’t affect people or pets; yet it will kill termites!

Now residents of this community enjoy access to a termite extermination service which uses this safe, effective product. Our applications won’t harm wildlife, livestock, pets or “pocket pets”. However, you can depend on us to help get rid of termites. We can apply this treatment (and re-apply it, if necessary) without causing inconvenience to your household. We exercise great caution whenever we handle pesticides. We use this new product to safeguard real estate in Rancho Santa Margarita against the financially and emotionally devastating effects of termites.

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We’ll check your yard and residence and let you know whether termites have infested your real estate in Rancho Santa Margarita. If we do discover a problem, we’ll gladly discuss the exciting new Ryania speciosa tree bark breakthrough with you in greater detail. It pleases us to have the ability to offer homeowners in this community a wonderful solution to termite control in Ranch Santa Margarita!

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