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Most people agree that organic pest control is the safest way to get rid of unwanted insects both in our homes and gardens. However, a lot of these people admit to still buying chemical pesticides despite knowing their side effects. The reason for this is that they either doubt their effectiveness or simply do not know which organic pest control solution is ideal for them. Today we are going to share a list of the most effective organic pest control methods together with the pests they tackle best.

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They didn’t spray under the house like they were supposed to do, then they didn’t show up, then they showed up at the wrong address, then they didn’t bring the right equipment. Avoid this company unless you’re looking for a headache.

The Best Organic Pest Control Techniques

1. Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT)

BT is a bacterium that naturally occurs in the soil. Once it is inside the insect it produces a protein that causes it to die.BT is usually specific to particular groups of insects so you should find the type of Bacillus Thuringiensis that will work for your pests.

It can be bought in liquid, powder or dust form. It is dusted or sprayed on affected crops. BT is however only effective in the non-adult stages of the insect. A popular variety of BT IS BT var Kurstaki which kills nearly 100 types of pests including imported cabbage worms, tomato horn-worms, squash vine borers and corn ear-worms.

2. Horticultural Oil Sprays.

This is a very simple pest control technique. By spraying the oils on the insects you block their airways and hence they suffocate. Some people use regular oil but these can often be too dense having adverse effects on the plants. Horticultural oils are lightweight and have do not clog the plant’s pores. It is advisable not to use oil sprays on moisture deficient plants as this may worsen their situation further.

Oils sprays work best on aphids, beetles, caterpillars, leafhoppers, white flies and thrips.

3. Insecticidal soaps.

This is one of the most effective organic pest control techniques. Insecticidal soaps are composed of unsaturated fatty acids found in animal fats. They are made commercially. They are sold in liquid form and are sprayed directly on to the pests. They work by dissolving the insect’s outer cuticle which may also be referred to as its skin.

Insecticidal soaps are only effective in liquid form so it is important to hit as many insects as possible as once it dries up it has no effect. They could also burn plant leaves. To prevent this it is important to test them by spraying the on some leaves and observing them for at least 48 hours. Insecticidal soaps work on almost all types of insects.

4. Traps

There are two types of traps. Pheromone traps and Sticky traps. Pheromones traps replicate the scents of the particular insects they wish to trap. These however attract mostly male insects hence are not very effective in eradicating pests. Their real value is that of early detection. Once one male is trapped you are warned of impending infestation and hence you come up with a strategy to deal with the insects before they become a problem.

Sticky traps are where rigid material is covered with adhesive substances so as to trap insects that come into contact with it. These come in different colors depending on the insect you want to trap. Here is a list of colors and some of the insects they attract; Yellow traps-white flies, fungus gnats, fruit flies; White traps-cucumber beetles, white flies; Red spheres- ideal for apple maggot flies.

5. Row covers

These act as physical barriers between the plants and the pests. They are made of translucent polyester material. The let both moisture and light pass through easily. There come in light weight and heavy weight varieties. It is advisable to use lightweights in summer so as not to scotch the plants. These should be used temporarily e.g. when pests are most active or when the plants are still seedlings. They are ideal for aphids, imported cabbage worms, squash bugs, tomato pin worms and corn ear worms.

The great thing about these organic pest control techniques is that they are both cheap to buy and easy to use. If you are still using dangerous chemicals after this then you’ve got a problem!

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Termite infestations can be very pesky. You wouldn’t like them to destroy your beautiful home, would you? Regardless, many people get scared off by the huge number of termite prevention tips available on the Internet. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the most effective termite prevention tips after thorough research and analysis.

Termite prevention can be divided into two main parts: preventing termites further access to your home and treating already existing termite colonies in your home.


Organize regular, preferably annual, inspections of your home by a professional. Don’t try to cut costs here, since this is the most important step in termite prevention. Work with your termite control professional to address conditions that allow termites to propagate such as moisture and ground-wood contact.

Termite Prevention Tips For Underground Areas


1. Removing Access to Your Home

• Try to eliminate entry points by sealing gaps around gas and water lines coming to your home.
• One of the most common access point for underground termites is wood-ground contact. Try to reduce wood-ground contact in your home.

2. Reducing Their Food Sources

• Throwing out extra cellulose materials from your house can help a bunch. Try replacing your landscaping mulch with cellulose free options or at least move it back six inches from the foundation.
• Wooden siding should be kept at the very least, six inched above the ground.

3. Lessen Excess Moisture

• Do not allow water to pool on the roof or around the foundation.
• Try addressing the (if any) moisture problems in small areas and the basement.
• Fix any leakages from pipes around your home.

Termite Prevention Tips for Drywood

1. Removing Access To Your Home

• Small Cracks in exterior wood is lethal! Drywood termites are known to enter through them.
• This can be prevented by sealing all crevices, joints and cracks.
• You can try sealing those cracks by applying a fresh coat of paint and installing bug screens over the foundation vents and the attic.

2. Reducing Their Food Sources

• Swift removal of any dead wood, firewood or dead trees can help eliminate their food sources.

Monitor and Adopt

After following these tips, monitor their activities for some time and adapt your prevention techniques from there.
• Before using any railroad ties or used lumber in your garden projects or home, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for termites first.
• Be aware that wood shingles are a very easy access for dry termites into your home. Ask some tips from your professional to prevent them from accessing your home.

• Try asking your termite control professional for some prevention techniques that could work for your home.
• He’ll probably recommend techniques like direct wood treatment, liquid treatment and monitoring stations.
• The least intrusive among them would be monitoring stations since they only serve as warning signs of sorts and do not provide any protection against infestations.
• Remember, your home can be saved from future infestations with some simple prevention measures.

So there you have it, a list of termite control tips. Know any tips we may have missed? Maybe you want to give some tips to keep in mind when looking for a termite control professional? Whatever the reason, be sure to leave a comment below!

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Welcome to our post Understanding The Cost of Rat Removal – Critical Info You Must Know!

While rats live in the burrows under our houses, they can wreak havoc and cause irreparable damage to us. Probably what most of us would like to know is how rats can get inside our houses. Sorry to inform you, but if you think it is hard for rats to break inside, then you are wrong. It can go through the doors and windows.

It can crawl inside small spaces and cracks. Wires and cables are like paths for them to run across. Worst of all, even the filthy sewerage that goes all the way inside to the bathroom and kitchen are like a passageway for them. Rats are undaunted by dirt and filth.To be safe, it is important to get their population in check at the earliest.

First, it is important to establish the kind of rat infestation and spread of activity you are looking at. Using a mousetrap to catch a solo mouse could be easy, and it would not cost much. However, if you have seen multiple rodents running around and the signs of their damage are apparent like eaten newspapers and constant squeaking noises, then, you should call in the experts to help you. A rat removal service is affordable, thorough, and professional in their work.

How much does Rat Removal Cost?

If you are worried that hiring the services of professionals would be a costly affair, then, you are in for a surprise. You just need to know and understand how the service providers charge. You should also know the various options available for you to make a wise decision. Rat removal and clearing could cost depend on the various factors that are listed below, but are not exhaustive:

Understand that the preliminary inspection will help the rat removal professionals understand the extent of damage and the amount of work needed to get rid of the rats. Do not set your mind on a budget.

1. The cost will depend on the number of the entry and exit points that would need to be shut and repaired.

2. An additional fee may be levied for trapping the rats and then getting rid of them.

3. The cost could go up a little if the company is required to make several visits to clear the infestation.

4. Cost could also vary depending on the additional services provided; the cost of extra consumables, the level of expertise of the team that will come in to help you with the problem.

5. A good rat removal service will also make sure that they clean, decontaminate, and sterilize the house. This could add a buck to the cost or quote they will site to you.

You can merely make some way with the problem at the arrival of infestation and prevent it from developing. However, when the pest drawback is grave already, it is best to call on professional pest exterminators to do the process for you. It is very exasperating to have the rats come again everywhere again. That is what frequently occurs while you do the rat removal yourself.

So, depending on where you are located and the factors mentioned above costs and vary and differ. Make sure you research thoroughly and hire the best for getting rid of your rodent infestation problem. Never allow rats to be the source of all the losses you incur in your home. Contact a rat removal company today for assistance.

Why Treebark Termite and Pest Control?


  • Naturally Derived Compound Chlorantraniliprole Based on the Organic Insecticide Ryania Speciosa’s mode of action.
  • Mimics Mother Nature’s Way of Controlling Pests by attacking Ryodine Receptors of Insects, Just like when the tree senses its under attack it produces compounds of insecticide.
  • Controls the Termites within Hours, Not Days like Traditional Fumigation or Local Treatments
  • Stops Termites From Feeding – Wood Damage Stops within Hours. The Chloranthripole clone of the Ryania Tree Compounds Destroys The Mandible of the Termites Preventing Feeding.
  • Free Organic Pest Control Service included with Treebark Final System Install. That’s right not only do we provide Naturally Derived Termite Control we specialize in Organic Pest Control Services.
  • Reduced Risk Pesticide – First in Nation for this Program – NO SIGNAL WORD. That means there’s less risk towards humans and pets. Less than everything else on the market. This Indian Lady Downed a bottle of Undiluted chlorantraniliprole and was fine I don’t recommend you drinking pesticides but it is interesting to know that someone has drank an entire bottle of concentrate without suffering fatal consequences considering we use 1/2 the bottle and mix it with 25 gallons of water.
  • Fumigation Gas can get trapped and in unfortunate cases results in Accidently Killing People. That’s a Pretty Harsh Worst Case Example, Here’s another about a boy in denver. The worst case with Treebark Final Service is I Miss Something and Have to Come Back.
  • People don’t talk about how often Fumigation’s Fail, (*8519.5 (b) Failed Fumigations). When it happens, they “redo” the entire process over for free. How Fun. I estimate 1 in 10 Fumigations Fail. That’s Been My Experience. Sue Me.
  • My Technicians are Live Scanned (Finger Printed), Drug Screened, Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Fumigation tarp guys are not required to submit to any of these things and there are reports of burglaries because of it. Yes, you might trust the field representative you’re speaking with but do you trust the tarp guys who show up to actually do the work? Remember, their fumigation tarp guys are going to be inside your home, opening your cabinets and drawers.
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