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Treebark Termite and Pest Control tackles termites from the “everything or nothing” approach. We only perform services that control all termites on the property not just Drywood or Subterranean. Competitors of ours might offer Drywood Termite Control via Fumigation (tenting the structure) while not addressing the potential for a Subterranean Termite Attack. This causes frustration when a Subterranean infestation appears at a later date. These types of competitors seem inexpensive until you add their prices up and compare to our regular Treebark service. To not be covered for this or that type of termite after treatment is not a solution.

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Edna Spiegel
00:05 06 Jun 23
The pest control company was excellent, the technician was knowledgeable and friendly in their treatment. I would highly recommend this company to others.
Henry Schneider
22:42 04 Jun 23
I was very satisfied with the pest control service, the technician was prompt and resolved my pest issue quickly. I would definitely use them again.
Roy Stoughton
14:35 03 Jun 23
I had an excellent experience with the pest control company, the technician was friendly and thorough in their treatment. I would highly recommend this company.
Donald Meedllin
21:37 02 Jun 23
The pest control service was professional and friendly, the technician was quick and effective in resolving my pest issue. I would definitely use them again.
Stephen Witt
21:48 01 Jun 23
I was very happy with the pest control service, the technician was friendly and efficient in their treatment. I would highly recommend this company to others.
Vicki J Kelsey
18:43 29 May 23
The pest control company was prompt and effective, the technician was knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely use them again for any pest issues.
Debra L Kurtz
17:30 29 May 23
I can't recommend Best Fit Moving Company enough. The team was professional, reliable, and demonstrated excellent expertise in handling large furniture pieces and fragile items.
Estela Cogswell
20:32 25 May 23
The pest control company was efficient, friendly, and professional in their treatment. I would definitely use them again for any pest problems.
Michael Babcock
18:14 24 May 23
I was extremely impressed with the pest control service, the technician was knowledgeable and resolved my issue quickly. I would definitely recommend this company to others.
Tammy Sanders
15:48 22 May 23
I was thoroughly pleased with the pest control service, the technician was prompt and friendly. The treatment was successful and I would recommend this company.
07:53 27 Apr 23
The tenants and we, the owners, felt fully informed throughout the entire tenting process because to Treebark Termite and Pest Control's excellent customer service. They've already been used twice, and we'll be using them once more in the future.
Jeff Adlouie Suarez
02:00 06 Apr 23
Always on time, and if not, calls to notify us. extremely knowledgable and competent. The phone was always answered by a receptionist or other person. Well done.
Roslyn Altenwerth
08:40 05 Apr 23
Termites are swarming glad to have Treebark on my side great service and great warranty.
Milton Heidenreich
02:24 27 Mar 23
The shattered tiles were also fixed on time by Treebark Termite and Pest Control. They delivered a quality, expert service for our termite tenting.
Agness Malaila
14:24 25 Mar 23
I have been using Treebark Termite for several years now and their service is great. They come out to do the yearly termite inspection and whenever I encounter droppings from the pesky termites.
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What Types of Termites does Mission Viejo Have?


Subterranean Termites

Mission Viejo because of its wooded forest history suffers from Subterranean Termites. Termites forage underground for tree roots and other cellulose material to feed on. In my experience, any city with a history of forestation is susceptible to Subterranean Termite colonies being present. Mission Viejo is also unique in that it has small bodies of water which also attract Subterranean Termites.


Subterranean Termite Treatments

  • Bait Stations – Bait stations are a passive method of Subterranean Termite control. These companies install bait stations around the perimeter of the property by using a post dig shovel. Digging into the yard/grass/concrete, they drop the station into the hole. The top of the bait station is a lid. Once installed the top is opened, and a piece of wood with a pheromone is dropped within. A technician checks the location periodically for termite activity. When Subterranean Termite activity is detected a new piece of timber containing an active ingredient to kill the termites is used. There are two main drawbacks to the system. Time and Risk. It takes time, sometimes years, for a colony to locate a random piece of wood around your home. You could be paying several times more for this treatment without actively killing the colony. The risk of canceling your policy and having the pheromone left scattered around your property acting as an attractant is just a dumb idea.
  • Liquid Termite Treatments – Homes with active and damaging Subterranean Termite infestations require immediate control in my opinion. This direct control is always done with liquid termite treatments as it places termiticide directly where the infesting termites currently are. There is no waiting for a little piece of wood to be found. This termiticide stops the damage and prevents re-infestation for the shelf life of the material used. The downside to this treatment is drilling the dime-size holes in your concrete. We do this to get the termiticide underground where the colony lives.

Drywood Termites

In Nature, Drywood Termites place a crucial role in the ecosystem of many forests and wooded areas. Evolving the termite was out of the necessity of removing dead trees and other cellulose plants which is dying or has become ill (yes trees get sick). Drywood termites attack trees, and because of their smaller colony size and quicker maturation, they will swarm faster, spreading quicker. In areas like Mission Viejo with a high population density and a high concentration of trees, Drywood termite infestations are common. The termites can migrate from home to tree and vice versa. Protecting the home from future re-infestations is critical in cities like Mission Viejo. Without prevention, control is nearly impossible.

Drywood Termite Treatments

  • Fumigation – Drywood Termites stay within the piece of wood they are infesting inside. They do not have any relation to the ground. Fumigation is only a Drywood termite control method as it eliminates any living breathing organism within a structure. Drywood termites cannot escape the poison gas and therefore die. Fumigation while effective has some annoyances like plant damage, roof damage, broken tiles and removing of food.
  • Localized Termite Treatments – Spot treatments have been around since the beginning of Termite Control. The inspection locates the termite infestation for a technician to come back around and treat with a liquid termiticide. When done correctly, spot treatments have the potential to save the homeowner money. The drawbacks to spot treatment include missed infestations and additional treatments that require more money.

Pest Control Services in Mission Viejo


If you are seeing pest control issues in Mission Viejo call Treebark Termite and Pest Control Mission Viejo Ca. We look forward to serving you and your family. Treebark offers an Organic Pest Control Service in Mission Viejo. We can be nearby the same day. If you are near me, we can be there within hours.


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