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Termite Control Los Angeles is about Treatments, Not Fumigation

If you are starting to see Termites in or around your home, it’s time for an inspection. They are free and will let you know how bad the infestation is and how much is will cost to control the problem. A termite inspection takes about 45min to an hour and the information gleaned from watching the inspector work will give you an idea of what to look for when working about the house.

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John L. Friedman
23:57 24 Sep 22
Treebark Termite was a simple company to work with. They were professional and delivered on their promises. They were punctual, performed what they were hired to do, and went above and above. I felt like I got nice, honest service. Thank you, Treebark...unusual that's in today's market.
Parnella Bonenfant
17:29 24 Sep 22
We moved from another pest control business to Treebark, and their service is much better. They are well-organized, quick to respond, and professional. I strongly suggest it.
Nicolette Laliberté
14:57 22 Sep 22
Jeff from Treebark Pest Control was helpful with any question I had. His work ethic was exceptional. This was by far the nicest experience I've ever had. I would definitely suggest this service to everyone!!!!
Nicholaus Rippin
07:43 21 Sep 22
We are appreciative for the Treebark team's promptness and competence in identifying the termites we discovered in our house. Mark  was really polite and kind in assisting with making an appointment. Then Jeff made time to visit to our house the same day to offer us a quotation and treatment advice. Thank you for your assistance; we appreciate it!
Steve H
07:21 21 Sep 22
Once again, excellent customer service! Three months after purchasing our home, I decided to paint the window frames in our atrium, and as I began sanding off the old paint, I discovered a large area of wood rot. It would have been difficult to discover during the first examination; it became visible only after a significant amount of sanding. I scheduled a time for Dave to come look at it, and he fixed it for us. Thank you very much!!
Camilo Ralph
09:34 20 Sep 22
These men are unrivalled in their field. Their customer service is unrivalled. Their crew is pleasant, professional, and, most importantly, on time... Nothing is worse than sitting around all day waiting for a contractor to arrive! I strongly recommend Them
Tyler Baker
01:18 19 Sep 22
Jacob of Treebark Termite did a thorough termite examination, then Henry and Anthony followed up with treatment of our 90-year-old home's attic, crawl area, and two outside wood patio covers. They were all thorough and professional. Henry and Anthony worked hard to address these difficult regions, and since they are outstanding communicators, everything went swimmingly. I've used Treebark in the past and highly recommend them!
Daniel G. Costello
06:25 16 Sep 22
We found little wood-like droppings on our door, so I ran a quick Google search. It turns out that it may be termites. I phoned Treebark and made an appointment for an inspection. This is always a good thing. Also, Treebark was named after termites, and I needed someone with termite expertise.
Arthur John
14:42 15 Sep 22
I was terrified when I saw all of the termite dust about my home. Treebark came out to examine and assuaged my anxieties. He said that given the level of infestation, spraying beneath the house and in the attic would be readily managed. They introduced subterranean termites into the soil surrounding my home. I am quite pleased with the service; it was both speedy and inexpensive. The service personnel were really pleasant and professional, and they addressed all of my inquiries and allayed any anxieties I had.
Jason S. Ferrell
08:00 14 Sep 22
I've been utilising Treebark Termite for over a year and have always been satisfied with my service! We had them conduct complete termite treatment at first, and we've been on a quarterly pest management check-up schedule ever since. John has been our technician almost every time, and he performs an excellent job - he is always on time, communicative, and polite! Scheduling and payment are also a breeze. Most importantly, there are no bugs to be found! gone.
Trung Kien Nguyen
06:33 14 Sep 22
I just wanted to say that we are still extremely pleased with this company. Jacob is always polite and professional. H e does an excellent job and thoroughly explains what he is doing and treating for. I would gladly suggest this firm to anybody!
A Google User
08:29 10 Sep 22
We had Jacob come out to our house to spray as a precaution. Wow, such a knowledgeable and friendly guy! He was very considerate of our requirements and informed us of what to anticipate, among other things. It is safe to say that he has just gained our business with this company!
A Google User
06:26 09 Sep 22
These guys are fantastic! Jacob was so helpful! He fixed all of my concerns, and I'm relieved to know that my home will be pest-free.
Elliot Wood
07:16 31 Aug 22
They informed me straight out that I was more likely to have mites than bed bugs and directed me to other doctors.
Bo Dicki
02:51 28 Aug 22
Excellent service from people who clearly care about their business. Robert did an excellent job assisting us in getting rid of spiders and providing advise on how to avoid population booms in the long run. If you need pest control, I highly suggest them.
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If you already suspect you have termites and just need a termite control company give us a call. We would love to estimate your property and provide you with the most comphrensive pest control plan in the industry. It covers termites and pests. Usually this is sold ala cart from big boys like Terminix or Orkin.

With many local offices to service your home, we offer flexible arrival windows for our termite inspections within the City. If you are within Los Angeles City and needing a same day inspection please give us a call so that we can have someone out there immediately. We are within 45min most days and can be anywhere within 2 hours.

The wordpress site I am writing this on is telling me I need to put more words on this page and I dont know what else to say other than you should call us. We have been doing this for 20 plus years and know what we are doing. We are likely not the cheapest yet not the most expensive. I believe we are fair in our price for the level of service you receive from us.

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