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Beautiful, well-designed Tustin has received awards as a community offering a great quality of life. Forbes named our city as one of the top 25 places to reside in the United States during 2009, for instance. With the beautiful southern California weather who wouldn’t want to live here?? Although southern California is known for its wonderful weather year round, it does have its draw backs with some annoying insects that can do some major damage to your home. Wood destroying pests that love to feed on your home, termites! Do termites ever pose a potential problem in this well-designed, developed part of Orange County? Unfortunately, they do! The University of Kentucky Department of Entomology estimates that, as wood-eating insects, termites cause literally billions of dollars of property damage worldwide every year. These voracious pests remain an endemic problem in many regions of California.

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About Termites

If the possibility of sustaining financial harm from termites concerns you, it makes sense to learn as much as possible about termite populations. Distantly related to the cockroach, hardy termites have inhabited the world at least since the Cretaceous Period. Archaeologists discovered examples of termites encased in tree sap dating back an estimated 100 million years!


Termites reside in teeming, well-organized colonies. They do perform a useful environmental role, because they help break down decaying wood in the soil. Unfortunately, termite colonies don’t distinguish between fallen timber and wood products used in residential construction. They will readily infest man-made buildings and dwellings, gnawing through essential structures: stairs, roofs, subflooring, wall interiors, and more.

Some Natural Disasters Promote Termite Expansion

Our weather patterns in California sometimes require effective termite control methods to include frequent inspections. Why? Even following the conclusion of termite treatments, properties sometimes sustain re-infestations. Weather patterns contributing to some natural disasters, such as flooding, heavy rains or mud slides, may result in extensive tree destruction in California. Toppled trees and branches lying in wet, moist ground attract termites. Termite colonies may feast on rotting wood, and then move on to infest nearby residential structures.

This ongoing termite control cost sometimes frustrates homeowners who fail to continue to inspect for termites on a regular basis after requesting pest control services previously. Since they thrive in the surrounding environment, termites occasionally re-infest treated premises.

Can Termites Really Cause Serious Property Damage

Property owners in Tustin sometimes ask: “does a termite infestation really cause serious property damage?” They wonder whether or not the termite control cost justifies taking preventative measures to avoid losses.

Left unchecked, a termite colony may shorten the useful lifespan of a wood-framed residence. Termites consume wood voraciously. They possess the ability to burrow inside boards and lumber. This process ultimately weakens the integrity of the wood, causing it to rot, fracture and decay much faster. If you’ve noticed rickety porch steps, tilting mailbox posts or unstable decks, you may discover termites carry some responsibility for the deterioration of the wood.

Your Termite Treatment

You can ask our company to help you develop a termite treatment for your home in Tustin. We use a product to control termites derived from the bark of a South American tree, Ryania speciosa. This plant produces several active ingredients, furthermore many of the substances occur in popular insecticides today. The one we use won’t harm mammals in the amounts we apply. This fact means our termite treatments offer a safe, convenient way to eliminate termites without endangering  small children , and pets.

If your household has obtained termite treatments from other companies in the past, you already know many pest control firms employ particularly harsh measures against termites. In former decades, destroying entrenched termite colonies typically required households to temporarily leave the premises during the pesticide application stage. Fumigators would tent a residence and pump poisonous gases into the interior of the home. The residues sometimes pose a health hazard for young children and pets. Our company uses much gentler, more effective, termite control method in Tustin . You won’t need to leave your home when we apply our state-of-the-art termite elimination treatments. Reliable Termite Control in Tustin Methods

Do our control methods work safely and reliably to kill termites? Yes. Do homeowners still need to request periodic re-inspections for termites in Tustin following our treatment process? Yes.

Termites reside in nature in this part of California. New termite colonies could infest your property in the wake of some types of regional disasters causing heavy tree losses. To completely protect a home in Tustin from termite infestations, it makes sense to obtain pest inspections at regular intervals.

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We offer completely free termite inspections in Tustin. Call us at 1-714-406-4919 now to schedule this service. One of our qualified termite control technicians will check for any visible signs of termite infestation. We’ll help safeguard your Tustin home from insect damage and expensive losses!

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Termite Control Tustin

We offer a Natural Termite Control service in Tustin that covers these Termites:

Subterranean Termites

These termites come from the ground, and cause a lot of damage. Subterranean termites form mudlike tubing, in which people mistake for just plain dirt on the side of their house. These are small black bugs in which sometimes can be mistaken for ants. These small pests usually come out after a nice rain shower and when it starts to warm up.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites have red heads, and black bodies, and fly. These termites produce pellets which looks like saw dust accumulating everywhere. They thrive in hot weather. So when it warms up you’re more likely to see these guys flying around.

Pest Control Tustin


We offer an Organic Pest Control service in Tustin that covers these bugs:


We all know how annoying and difficult ants are and continue to be especially once they’ve proven to be a problem. Using a quarterly pest control service with Treebark Termite and Pest Control is a great way to combat and control these annoying pests. By using their natural insecticide your young children and pets are unharmed. Some of the key ingredients are essential oils such as peppermint oil, cinnamon oil and clove oil.


I am not sure I know anyone who likes spiders! They are one of natures most creepiest pest of all. Not to mention the poisonous ones that can actually harm you! Ever find those white, spiky round balls under your patio table, or childs playhouse, and or other outdoor furniture or toys? Those are more then likely the brown widow’s egg sacs. I find those egg sacs the most. Most spiders create webs on and in the eves of your home. In trying to combat and control spiders you must destroy their home. Treebark Termite and Pest Control is great at combating and controlling these pesky pests. They will knock down the spider webs and then use their natural ,organic, essential oil infused pesticide.


Ever wonder whats making that annoying chirping sound at night? Crickets! Additionally these noisy pests can cause damage to your property, specifically clothing and carpets. I don’t want to come home to closet full of half eaten clothes or clothes with patches of holes in them. That’s why its best to control these pests the minute you see signs of them!


There’s never just one!!! Cockroaches have got to the number one grossest pest on the planet! They are known for carrying diseases and can cause allergic reactions.  I don’t want these disgusting bugs anywhere near me or my family. The fact that they can spread disease is enough for me to set off a nuclear bomb in the house to get rid of them! Food is the biggest attractant for these disgusting pests. Make sure to keep your food tightly sealed. Take your trash out and have a professional like Treebark Termite and Pest Control come out and spray these grotesque beings away, and away for good!


Oh these tiny, small, little black , annoying itching bugs somehow manage to survive and continue their reign on poor innocent pets! You may notice your dog or cat biting on themselves trying to get relief from these itching parasites. Treating and killing fleas is not a one step solution, in addition to killing the adult fleas you must also kill and control the larva and eggs. As well as cleaning and vacuuming, on top of that you should wash all bedding including your pets bed and or bedding.



Extermination in Tustin should be trusted by the best professionals in Orange County. Exterminators like Treebark Termite and Pest Control is a great option when trying to treat and exterminate unwanted pests in your home! They offer natural and organic treatments, not to mention keeping your children and pets unharmed and free of any bad chemicals.

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