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A Silent Threat to Fountain Valley Real Estate

Do you own real estate in beautiful Fountain Valley, California? Our community uses the motto “A Nice Place to Live”. Those words aptly describe the great quality of life in this area!

If you’ve invested in a home in Orange County, you’ll want to learn more about a silent threat to residential and commercial property values in this region. It can strike without advance warning. Every year, this problem costs thousands of unsuspecting California property owners a lot of time, money and aggravation.

The Need to Act Quickly

Sadly, in many cases, residents might have avoided extensive losses by taking action against this threat more quickly. They simply did not realize a silent menace had begun eating away at their home values. The notion a termite colony might relocate and literally start chewing through wooden structures in a residence dismays most people!

Fountain Valley offers many pleasant suburban neighborhoods and convenient local shopping centers. It does not at first glance present an inviting location for termite infestations. Yet these insects do indeed thrive here. Our coastal climatic conditions sometimes create an ideal combination of factors contributing to termite population growth. If you suspect termites might have taken up residence in your yard or home, you should consider contacting termite control companies in Fountain Valley right away. Don’t wait until an inconvenience mushrooms into a costly property hazard.

Natural Disasters And Termites

Our local weather patterns in this region of California sometimes contribute to natural disasters. Heavy damaging rainfalls, mud slides, forest fires and flooding in turn can all result in extensive tree and vegetation losses. When uprooted tree trunks fall to the moist grounds and begin rotting, termite colonies may thrive. The insects love to feed on wet, soft wood. Somewhat like ants, they form densely populated underground nests and regularly scavenge for wood above-ground.

Unfortunately, termites don’t hesitate to relocate their surface activities from devouring dead trees and brush to consuming wood inside dwellings and office buildings. Left unchecked, they cause a lot of damage. Their destructiveness accounts for many of the classified ads you’ve read advertising “Termite Control in Fountain Valley”. This lovely residential community frequently suffers from the affliction of termites.

Painful Property Damage

Savvy homeowners in this area appreciate the infestation risks here and regularly ask pest control experts to conduct property inspections. Termite control companies in Fountain Valley can potentially save property owners thousands of dollars in repair costs. If they restrict termite activity at a sufficiently early stage, homeowners may discover they don’t need to replace a lot of wooden structures in the residence, for instance.

If you don’t believe termites pose a significant hazard in this community, and you’d prefer to ignore the “Termite Control Fountain Valley” classified ads, then conduct this practical exercise: spend a little time traveling through this part of Orange County. How many rickety or unstable-looking wooden mail box posts, fences, steps, decks, porches and other structures do you observe? Termites will often eat away the interiors of supporting beams and boards, while leaving the exteriors intact, but severely weakened. The insect damage ultimately shortens the useful lifespan of man-made structures composed of wood.

Termite Control With Out Fumigation

In the past, homeowners sometimes hesitated to initiate corrective action promptly despite suspecting the presence of termites. Why? Pest control companies often had to use very aggressive insect control measures to get rid of termite infestations inside a residence. Tenting a home to fumigate the interior with highly toxic chemical agents concerns environmentally responsible people.

Fortunately, you can now obtain reliable termite control without fumigation. Our company uses a newly discovered method of eradicating termites. Scientists extracted a substance from the bark of the Ryania speciosa tree which proves lethal to some types of insects. In the amounts we apply, this material won’t harm mammals (including human beings, dogs, cats, horses, parakeets and hamsters) but it will kill termites!

Request a Free Termite Inspection

If you suspect a termite colony has begun devouring your Fountain Valley home, you don’t want to wait to confirm that a problem exits. Delay will only permit any termite damage to escalate in scope. Today you can obtain completely naturally derived termite control assistance without having to vacate the premises even temporarily. The termite treatments we apply won’t harm your children or your pets when used as directed. We handle insecticides with great care.

Since people often mistake ants for termites, identifying termite colonies accurately sometimes causes confusion. Some species of flying ants strongly resemble termites. The difference remains critically important. We offer completely free residential termite inspections by qualified experts. Call 1-714-406-4919 now to request this free service for Termite Control in Fountain Valley.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control

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