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Termite Control in Seal Beach

What Are Termites

Termites are probably one of the most annoying and destructive pests, while these little guys are not harmful to humans they are to your home! Here in Southern California we have two types of termites. Drywood and Subterranean Termites. These two types of termites swarm during two different times of the year. Both types of termites can be very destructive so it’s important to get your house an inspection every year. By inspecting you can save your wallet tens of thousands of dollars.


Different Types of Termites

Drywood termites have black bodies, a red head, and have wings. These guys usually start showing activity in early July. You may start seeing pellets (which looks like small piles of saw dust). As it gets closer to fall  September into October you will see the bugs flying around. You may even see some that have shed their wings, so you’ll have some wings lying around in with that saw dust pellet pile.


Subterranean Termites are small black bodied bugs, most of the time they get mistaken for ants, although they are bigger then ants. These guys come from the ground. They create tubes that look like dirt coming from the ground and onto or in your house. Most see dirt tubes on the sides of their homes. You will find these bugs most active after a rain shower on a warm day, usually between our rainy season of February- March.



Treebark Termite offers a natural organic product derived from a South American plant Ryania Especiosa. There is a compound found in this plant that can kill and repel termites.

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