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If you are looking for Termite Control Beverly Hills you made the right choice clicking this URL. Treebark Termite And Pest Control is the only company that takes care of your termite problem and keeps you, your home, your pets, your family and your plants safe.

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Termite Control Beverly Hills


Subterranean Termites

These termites live in the ground. You have to inject chemicals under the ground to kill them. See, they come up from the ground, entering the home from cracks in the foundation. Once inside the walls they silently eat the studs within the walls. They cause thousands of dollars in damage without anyone ever seeing them. Subterranean Termites are known as the silent ones because most of their life is spent without anyone noticing. A lot of damage happens in a little amount of time.


Drywood Termites In Beverly Hills

Drywood Termite Control in Dana Point isn’t about fumigating every time an insect appears. It’s about long term prevention and maintenance from a professional company who is responsible for maintaining the standards you have for your home. Under the right company, you should not have termites. Our inspectors will come to your home, inspect it top to bottom, and give you a complete report. If you are seeing termites with redheads and wings, you have drywood termites. Drywood termites also produce little fecal pellets, a great way to tell if you have termites. Call us right now for faster service.

Beverly Hills Termite Control Problems You Need To Know About

Beverly Hills, one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles County is a hub for business. The Density of the buildings downtown makes for an interesting situation when it comes to termite control. Not only is Downtown compact but the residential neighborhoods around it are as well. This means that when a termite flys or swarms the chances of infesting a neighborhood is great. Imagine having to fly 1/2 a mile to reinfest a neighbor vs 1/10. The infestations spread like wildfire in Beverly Hills, its why so many have termites.

Termite Protection is Like Termite Control

With Infestations spreading quickly in Beverly Hills not having termite coverage is like asking for an expensive wood replacement estimate. Termites damage wood quickly. Some entomologists have estimated the damage in the feet per quarter range depending on the infestation size. Imagine a 2×4 that’s 6 Foot Long damaged by over a foot in 3 months! That’s speed. In nature, Termites are the recyclers of the forest taking fallen trees and turning them into manageable mulch for the forest floor. It’s important to recognize these insects have a powerful part in the ecosystem of our planet. With that being said having termite protection could save you thousands of dollars.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control Prevents Termites and Pests.


Simply put your home needs a barrier to prevent your neighbor’s problem from becoming your problem. With Beverly Hills homes being as close as they are a flying termite swarm could easily infest your home leading to future headaches. With Treebark Termite and Pest Control, we lay a quarterly barrier that prevents the insects (not only termites) from taking home inside your home. If at any time you see a bug we return at no charge and reapply the barrier. This barrier kills and controls anything that lands on it and tries to take residence.

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Why Treebark Termite and Pest Control?

    • Naturally Derived Compound Chlorantraniliprole Based on the Organic Insecticide Ryania Speciosa’s mode of action.
    • Mimics Mother Nature’s Way of Controlling Pests by attacking Ryodine Receptors of Insects, Just like when the tree senses its under attack it produces compounds of insecticide.
    • Controls the Termites within Hours, Not Days like Traditional Fumigation or Local Treatments
    • Stops Termites From Feeding – Wood Damage Stops within Hours. The Chloranthripole clone of the Ryania Tree Compounds Destroys The Mandible of the Termites Preventing Feeding.
    • Free Organic Pest Control Service included with Treebark Final System Install. That’s right not only do we provide Naturally Derived Termite Control we specialize in Organic Pest Control Services.


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