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If you reside in Villa Park, you’ll want to take full advantage of an exciting offer from our company: we provide completely free residential termite inspection in Villa Park upon request! Since termites pose a significant threat to property values in this community, our service offers many homeowners greater peace of mind.

Villa Park supplies a wonderful quality of life. Homes in this part of Orange County typically include generous grounds. While this situation contributes to a relaxing lifestyle, it also means fallen or dying trees in a backyard provide a great habitat for termite colonies. Sometimes the insects relocate from outdoor locations into nearby man-made structures. Many wood-frame homes populate this city. Since termites munch through wood, if left unchecked they’ll cause a lot of structural damage and significantly depreciate property values.

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Our Home Termite And Pest Control Inspection Services

When we conduct termite inspections, we look closely for signs of termite damage. Even though as social insects, termites reside in colonies and their nests often contain high population levels, humans sometimes remain largely unaware of the presence of these insects. People may even live in a residence infested with termites and not see much evidence of termite activity.


During a home termite and pest control inspection in Villa Park, we’ll search for tell-tale indications of insect damage. If we do find any reason to suspect a problem exists, we’ll share this information with property owners quickly. Our efforts can help homeowners in Villa Park by enabling them to take prompt corrective action to address a developing termite problem. By the time a residence sustains extensive wood damage, repairing the impacts of termite activity can prove costly. You’ll want to identify termites and take action against them as soon as possible! (Best of all, we’ve studied ways to kill termites without fumigation.)

Termite Inspection and Treatment Costs

Our service proves remarkably affordable. We rely on a state-of-the-art termite treatment. Researchers investigating a tree called “Ryania speciosa” in South America have discovered several active chemical agents. Some of these compounds today form components of insecticides and pesticides. One of these substances derives from the bark. In the amounts we apply, it won’t harm people, pets or other mammals, but it will kill certain types of insects, including termites.

We strive to offer accessible termite inspection and treatment costs for homeowners in Villa Park. Considering the devastating impact of termites on property values in Orange County, our services represent a very wise investment indeed for households battling termite issues.

Avoid Real Estate Losses

It proves painful to invest in a lovely residence, only to discover during a pre-sale home inspection that termites have largely eroded your appreciation. If left alone, these insects may shorten the functional lifespan of wood-frame dwellings.


It makes sense to take firm action to control infestations. Most home buyers in Villa Park won’t consider purchasing a residence here without obtaining a home inspection.(Home inspectors usually check routinely for the presence of termites, of course.)

Enjoy Convenient Termite Control Methods

When we conduct a home termite and pest control inspection in Villa Park, we may discover no problems. Receiving this information usually delights homeowners. However, if we do detect signs of insect infestations, we can initiate pest control treatments without causing inconvenience. The safe breakthrough method we use won’t even require residents to temporarily vacate the premises. Experts have discovered ways to kill termites without fumigation. Our company embraced one of these new, less disruptive technologies to the great satisfaction of our customers!

In the past, pest control firms sometimes employed toxins in an effort to eradicate termites. For instance, companies might completely tent a home in order to pump chemical-laden gases into the interior. These products could leave nasty residues. Residents and their household pets would need to temporarily relocate while pest control technicians worked to remove insects.


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Our methods for termite control won’t inconvenience your household in Villa Park. Go ahead and call us now to request a free residential termite inspection in Villa Park. You can reach us at: 714-406-4919!

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