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If you live in Westminster, you might see the occasional termite swarm. There are two main types of termites we see here in Southern California.   These termites we see are in different seasons but are usually miss-identified. Hopefully, the small section will help you identify the type of termite you might be seeing based on the month you’re seeing them and what they look like. As always, seeking professional identification is always recommended but using the information below is a good start to understanding what problem you might be facing.

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All around great company that follows through with quarterly pest control commitments and keeps the bugs away.
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21:37 01 Apr 18
These guys do are Termite & Pest Control. They're termite control services don't require fumigation and if you leave them reviews online they give you a month of service for free

What Type of Termite is It?

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites begin producing pellets in early summer around July. The termites begin pushing pellets out of the galleries in preparation for swarming. The galleries permeate with pellets, now they will permeate with flying termites. Drywood termites fly out of the galleries in late fall. Normally in the month of October and November. The flying Drywood termite has a black body with a redhead. It has four clear wings that often fall off when they have landed in contact with wood. What signs to Look for: Termites

Subterranean Termites


Subterranean termites or triggered by rainy days. In Southern California, Westminster specifically, rainy days occur February through March. Often Pest Control companies get high call volume’s on sunny days right after a rain shower. The rain softens the ground triggering the swarm. Subterranean Termite Swarmers are smaller than Drywood termites warmers but larger than ants. They have blackheads black bodies and clear wings.


How Does Treebark Work?

The Treebark patented termite treatment system eliminates both types of termites without you having to leave your home. Once installed termites cannot return to the protected areas. Unlike fumigation you do not have to bag your food ,your medicine, or pack up and leave for few days with your family and pets. It also doesn’t leave your home vulnerable to break ins while your home has a big tent around it.  Tree bark’s system is one of the few treatments on the market that poses no health risks to humans and animals. If you suspect that you have an issue with termites, call today for a free termite inspection. One of our license inspectors will go through the in and outs of your home identifying locations of infestation.

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