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Termites in Yorba Linda

Do you know someone in Yorba Linda afflicted with a termite problem? Every year, pesky termites infest wet, rotting wood in this part of California. These insects usually reside in large colonies. If you’ve seen one termite, the odds remain very good others live in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, termites don’t distinguish between natural wood and treated lumber. They frequently attack the boards and timbers used in home construction. You may even have met local homeowners at risk of sustaining serious financial losses caused by these voracious insect colonies! A typical pest control company today will sometimes offer a free inspection for termites in Yorba Linda because so many homes in this area suffer from hidden termite infestations.

Why Real Estate Industry Professionals Detest Termites

Most real estate agents, brokers and insurers shudder at the mention of the word “termites”. Unless a homeowner takes steps to get rid of them, termite colonies can literally “eat away” tens of thousands of dollars in property value. Practically no one feels comfortable purchasing a termite-infested residence or commercial building. Yorba Linda termite control companies sometimes enjoy a brisk business!

For this reason, today many home inspectors will routinely check for termite damage when evaluating a residence. Termites don’t always appear visible, but observant property experts can usually detect their presence by examining the wood used in a home. Termites sometimes leave visible evidence of their wood-consuming activities behind. A careful property inspector may recommend termite remediation; after a long term termite infestation, it may become necessary to replace flooring, siding, stairs, walls or other wooden structures in a residence. (This repair and remediation process can prove expensive.) In the past, the last-minute discovery of termites has sometimes even prevented real estate sales contracts in California from closing.

Termites in California

California’s fickle weather places residents in some locations at high risk of sustaining termite damage. For instance, when a forest fire rages through an area, flames may leave burned, fallen logs behind. Over the course of time, termite colonies locate these excellent food sources. They love to inhabit aging, wet, rotting wood.

Of course, if termite populations gain a foothold in the surrounding area, they may migrate into nearby homes. Termites will consume wood used in residential construction, for instance. If a storm damages a roof and causes leaks, then eaves or siding usually contain areas of wet wood. Local termite colonies like to inhabit these sites. The prevalence of forest fires, floods and mudslides in this part of California places us at especially high risk of sustaining termite infestations.

No Easy Solution

In the past, getting rid of termite infestations probably struck some California homeowners as almost as unpleasant as replacing termite-damaged decks and wood siding. Pesticide companies typically used very strong poisons in an effort to eradicate these insects.

Sadly, while killing termites proved challenging, young children or pets coming into contact with toxins could result in tragedy. Toddlers may accidentally consume unsafe substances. Pets also sustain serious injury by coming into contact with some poisonous insecticides. Property owners who discovered termite infestations in the past faced a dilemma: should they authorize Yorba Linda termite control companies to disperse toxic substances on their property in order to eradicate termites, or should they use milder anti-termite control measures and risk a resurgence of termite population levels?

A Technological Breakthrough

Fortunately, a recent technological breakthrough has come to the rescue of Yorba Linda homeowners. One of the best termite control services companies in Yorba Linda recently benefited from an incredible discovery: tree bark extracted from a South American plant called Ryania speciosa will create a substance which damages some insects, but exerts practically no effect on most mammals. This material helps destroy termites without harming young children or pets (even “pocket pets” like mice or gerbils or guinea pigs).

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