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La Habra Naturally Derived Termite Control

Today, like many residents of the Greater Los Angeles Area, homeowners in La Habra have enjoyed a steady increase in average property values during recent years. If you own a home in this community, taking steps to safeguard your real estate from the devastating impact of termites simply makes good financial sense.

As one of La Habras best pest control service companies, we help homeowners protect their financial future by getting rid of potentially costly termite infestations. In March, 2017, the median house price in this area reached $485,000, according to one popular real estate industry website. Residential property frequently represents a household’s most important asset. Don’t allow a termite problem to literally “eat away” your financial security!

Termites in La Habra?

Residents of Orange County face a high risk for experiencing termite infestations. People usually associate this part of California with a mild, comfortable climate, proximity to excellent beaches and a dynamic L.A. lifestyle. Yet our climatic conditions sometimes create ideal conditions for termite colonies.

Have you noticed the large numbers of trees felled by heavy rainstorms, fires, flooding and mudslides in this region? When these disasters strike, they sometimes leave a significant quantity of fallen timber in their wake. The presence of wet, rotting wood attracts termites. Unfortunately, these insects will readily relocate from natural outdoor areas into nearby man-made structures.


How Termites Endanger Your Real Estate

Termites chew through wooden beams and boards. Just like ants, they live in large colonies. Thousands of individual termites may infest a single dwelling. These insects burrow underground and construct narrow tubes from mud along the exterior of residential foundations or portions of siding. The individual insects travel inside the tubes in groups between underground nests and different areas of a home, gradually consuming the structure. They may harm roofs, floors, and the inner surfaces of walls and decks, among other sites. Termites will cause expensive property losses if allowed to thrive unchecked over the course of time!

You might imagine all this destructive activity would attract attention. Although they eat away at wood on a 24/7 basis, termite colonies usually don’t generate much noise. They often remain undetected for months or years as they expand through the interior of an infested property. If you suspect a termite colony has attacked your La Habra residence, you’ll want to take immediate action to protect your real estate!

Reliable Termite Control Measure

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories about measures used to destroy termites years ago? In the past, residents sometimes had to leave their dwellings temporarily during popular types of termite treatments. Powerful insecticides used against termites decades ago sometimes accidentally injured household pets. By contrast, our company uses reliable, safe termite control measures.


A recent breakthrough in insect control technology has helped us become one of La Habras best pest control service companies. We employ a potent new product against termite infestations. Scientists replicate this compound from the bark of the Ryania speciosa tree, a native of South America. In the amounts of chloranthriprole we apply, this material won’t cause any damage to people or pets the label says. Yet it will eradiate termite colonies very effectively. If you’ve heard elderly neighbors wishing for “termite control treatments that I don’t have to leave the house for”, you’ll really appreciate this innovation! It won’t even require anyone to vacate the premises for brief periods of time.

Great Customer Service

We take immense satisfaction in providing outstanding customer service. The chemicals we use against termites have helped numerous property owners in Orange County protect their homes and businesses against the potentially devastating impact of infestations. If you suspect your real estate may have sustained termite damage, we hope you’ll request our services, and then recommend our company to others.


We offer free termite inspections for your convenience. To schedule one of these appointments with us, simply call 1-714-406-4919 now. If you know of someone struggling with a termite infestation in their La Habra property, tell them about us. We want to assist them, too! Let them know the era of longing for effective “termite control treatments that I don’t have to leave the house for” has ended forever! Today everyone in Orange County can benefit from our company’s powerful, very safe termite control services.

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