Are Termites Attracted To Light?

Drywood Termites Eating Wood

What Makes Termites Attracted To Light?

Termites, both Subterranean and Drywood are attracted to light sources. The reason is because their entire lives are spent inside of wood (Drywood read dark) or underground (Subterranean also dark). Their experiences with light sources are:

Accidental Exposure

Sometimes in nature predatory creatures open subterranean mud tubes to eat the worker caste termites. In Drywood Termite colonies sometimes the wood is broken open by Christmas lights and other activities by the homeowner. This accidental exposure is random and rare but informs the colony that there is another world outside of their colony.

Drywood Termites Eating Wood

Drywood Termite Workers are the actual Termites who eat and damage the wood.

Swarming Season

Winged Termites use there reproductive seasons to exit the colony, find a mate and become Kings and Queens themselves. Their entire lives are spent gearing up for the moment they will experience the light. The know it will come and also understand that the exposure to light will be harmful. They associate “light” with colony exit which to the “Alates” (winged termites) means freedom and opportunity. Each season the colonies chosen “flyers” prepare for and head into, the light.

Termites Eating Wood picture

Picture of Termites eating wood

Don’t Go into The Light

For humans heading towards the “light tunnel” is a death sentence. It has been storied as the final moments of life before entering the second coming. The termite species “the light tunnel” is also the second coming. We associate it with death, they associate it with life. The light tunnel makes Kings and Queens. As the termites exit the colony the pairs mate, enter nearby wood/ground and lay the next batch of wood destroying organisms.

Solutions to this Problem

Treebark Termite and Pest Control system eliminates termites before they “head towards the light”. Our system not only controls termites but pests as well. We control termites inside of the walls, in the exterior wood and general pests around the home. If you are interested in learning more please call or use the form below.


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