How Does Termite Tenting Work?

How does termite tenting work_

What is Termite Tenting?

Tenting, or structural fumigation, is a pest control technique of sealing the infested area and filling it with airborne pesticides. It’s a drastic measure employed against the most resilient types of pests that inhabit wooden floors, walls, furniture, and other structural parts of the house. 

Tenting is most often employed against wood termites and beetles. These pests feed on unprotected wood and, in a matter of many generations, can swarm the structural foundation of the house. The damage ranges from merely tiny holes in the floor, usually a few millimeters in diameter, to widespread destruction of dry wood floor and framing which is costly to repair. 

During tenting, these infested areas will be exposed to insecticides specifically picked to seep deep into the wood through crevices and pores in the grain, and completely destroy any pest colony by depriving it of oxygen and attacking the nervous system.

The whole process will usually last a couple of days, and additional days may be needed in large scale operations and big areas. Tenting is finished once a certified professional has examined the area and concluded that the colonies have been completely neutralized. 

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At this point, the tarps are taken down and the fumigant gas dissipates from the area within five to six hours. (or maybe days?)

Is the treatment effective?

Fumigation tenting has shown to be highly effective in destroying pest colonies, but it’s important to note that it’s not a suitable preventive measure. 

Most termite infestations make entry into your home from underground and cracks in the facade. It’s paramount to seal these entry points and regularly conduct check-ups on exposed wood to prevent re-emergence of pests. 

Talk to our professionals about conducting a program of pest elimination and prevention combined. This includes sealing potential entry points as well as treating the wood with protective measures, and regular maintenance.

Is there any danger to humans and pets?

Fumigation and tenting is performed exclusively by licensed professionals that have undergone extensive training and testing, But we believe that it is not safe for humans or pets.

Trained and certified professionals thoroughly measure the pesticide levels across all areas of the home after the tarps are taken down and the area has been given time to air out. But if you choose the Treebark treatment then tenting is completely unnecessary.

Fumigant concentrations are measured by scoping devices during the process and, once clearing is completed, the area is rechecked for even extremely low concentrations of pesticides. We invite you and your pets back inside after all pesticides have been completely aired out to levels below 1 ppm (parts per million). 

These pesticides don’t leave any residue or lasting odor. (or at least that’s what other companies claim.)

How do I prepare?

  • To avoid contamination all food items and plants should be removed from the area.
  • Infested wood areas should be exposed by removing carpets, covering, paintings and other such items and material. 
  • Clearing the area just outside your house by moving items that would get in the way of raising the tent. This may include trimming any tree branches closer than a foot to your walls. 
  • Unplug any electrical appliances and leave all the doors open.
  • Bed sheets and other soft fabrics such as clothes and towels should be sealed, so as to not absorb any pesticides. 

Don’t let your family and pets get hurt, choose Treebark Termite. Book a free termite inspection with us today and pick organic over poison.


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