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Hello, I am Aaron Cunningham. I have been in Termite Control for over 20 years. I started as a door to door canvasser for Kilter Termite and Pest Control. I worked my way up over 15 years to that of a manager position within the company. I left in 2016 to start my own company on the principal that I could do it better. We have been blessed by acquiring top talent in the industry. Our team is stronger, faster and smarter than the average termite company. Please support our mission of becoming the leading provider of safe termite and pest control services. You can find my Licenses Here: Aaron Cunningham

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Cheap Exterminator, Here Is All The Info You Should Know

Cheap Exterminator: For A Reasonable Pest Control Service!

Regular pest control inspection and treatment must not be considered an optional home improvement service; it must be mandatory. Having a pest exterminator out at your property on a regular basis (once every two months if possible) will make a remarkable difference on making the most of your protection from pests. Not just will you put off a dreaded pest infestation with frightening pests crawling inside your home, but you will help keep a clean, pleasing and hearty home. However, the main issue of most homeowners is the high cost of hiring this expert. Worry no more because through proper research, you can find cheap exterminator that carry out the job perfectly and effectively.

The Cost of Hiring Pest Exterminator

If you really want to save a considerable amount of money, you can carry out the extermination yourself, but, this is not something experts recommend. While pesticides and insecticides for Do it Yourself pest extermination usually are very reasonable, companies that manufacturer these products make up for it by using substances which leave a harmful, deadly toxic residue and don’t really get into the heart of a structure so as to truly eliminate the annoying pests. That said, you’re really better off getting the service of a reliable pest extermination company and disburse for the treatment cost. Perhaps you already know that pest extermination normally costs from $1,500 to $3,000, it all depends on the location of your home, the area that needs to be treated and the methods they use.

Cheap Exterminator: How to Select the Best One

Sharing your room or living space with creepy crawly pests is a fact that you will need to face. Insects like spiders, fleas, mice, wasps, mosquitoes, termites and even bed bugs are a cause of the problem to many homeowners since they pose a risk to human lives and the wildlife as well. Often, people try to handle the problem on their own with the use of diverse over the counter products that are cheaper but might be beneficial only for minor or small infestations. Once the infested area in your house is large, then the products on hand in the nearest stores might not be very efficient and dependable and might prove to be very expensive in the long run.

It is highly recommended to opt for a cheap exterminator who will be capable of tackling the pest issue more effectively than you. So as to select the most reputable and cheap exterminator, you can browse online. A lot of exterminator advertises on their sites about their services provided by them. Select the exterminator that provides a thorough free inspection of your home in order to know the pests hiding there. Effective and good pest exterminator always provides free initial inspection.

Search for pest control companies that provide a money back guarantee to clients who are not pleased with their performance. Getting the pest exterminator can be costly for the reason that treatments are required to be repeated once or twice a month and because you don’t want to waste money on useless treatments which will not eliminate the pests totally, you can always be sure to get your money back incise the initial treatment is not able to exterminate the pests completely.

Get Rid Of Them!

Extermination companies will get rid of all of the annoying creatures from your home, most likely with the use of effective but eco-friendly pesticides. A pest exterminator will kill the insects in your home, using extraordinary insecticides which will end the pest infestation.

They will further assist to eradicate the parasites from your property by vacuuming all of the carpets, furniture as well as draperies, often using special pesticides to help with the eradication process. The next job will be to steam clean your entire home. They will fog your home to make sure that your home has been free of infestation.

Cheap exterminator is dedicated in the elimination of the pests and their eggs as well. More often than not they give instructions for homeowners to follow, so that you will keep away from another infestation.

If you find bed bugs in your home, you can always try to eliminate them on your own. However, if the problem is severe or you feel that you can’t cope with it, then you might be better leaving it to the bed bug exterminator. . A cheap exterminator will also extend services such as fumigation and thermography.

Cheap Exterminators: Provide Additional Pest Control Treatment

In order to select the cheapest pest controller, try to select the one who will offer additional treatments, if needed without charging additional money for it. Because you don’t want to waste money on unfinished treatments, look for such a service that will give free additional services. You can always take recommendations of your friends and family who will help you from their past experience in locating the most dependable and cheap pest exterminator in your area.

Preferably, you must go in an exterminator that is bonded, insured, has a valid license and registered. This exterminator will have professional and expert exterminators who will mainly do a study of your home and then utilize the right tools and equipment. Find out the machinery and equipment utilizes by the company for exterminating annoying pests and if the chemicals utilized are friendly to environment and human as well. Ideally, you have to go for eco-friendly methods, on the other hand if the infestation is too much. You don’t have a choice. For extremely heavy infestation, strong chemicals will have to be utilized.

All in all, if you choose to handle the pest infestation in your office or home, then you need to know that it is so hard to look for the best and right treatment. No matter what your pest control needs, you could find the right solution by taking your time browsing the site. Taking the time doing a research will help you get the best and cheap exterminator that will handle the job expertly and professionally.

Pest Termite, Here Is All The Info You Should Know

Termites are a cause of concern for many homeowners. These pests can weaken the overall structure of your house. If you don’t stop these critters early, you will definitely face the consequences of your action. You have to fight the pest termite before it attacks your home.

Causes of Termite Infestation

Most termite attacks are actually caused by the action of the homeowners, so you need to understand the things that encourage these pests to invade your home.  One of the common reasons of an invasion is using wood to build a deck or shed in the yard. Termites eat wood to survive. If you still want to proceed, you have to use wood that won’t attract the termites. Juniper and cedar are less attractive to these pests.

Another reason for a termite invasion is keeping the plants near the sides of your house, so avoid this practice. Make sure that no part of the plant, even the leaves and roots, is touching the house. The presence of wood is just like beckoning the termites to attack your home.

Termites also find moisture very attractive. If there’s a source of moisture in or near your home, you should solve it right away. Leaking pipes is a common cause of moisture. Look for broken or leaking pipes in your house or yard and fix them as soon as possible. You can also install gutters on the roof to divert the rain water to an area away from the sides of your house. Don’t expose your house to these things. If you ignore these things, you might face expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Pest Termite Control

You have to know the best time to conduct pest termite control so that your house doesn’t sustain so much damage. This is because unlike other animals, most termites lay eggs and reproduce during spring. These pests lay eggs after digging into moist soil and once the eggs are laced, the termites incubate until it’s time to hatch. While waiting for the eggs to hatch, the termites work around your house to provide the nourishment needed by their babies to survive. So, the best time to do pest termite control is before spring.

That is only one of your choices. It is actually a good idea to conduct termite control throughout the year to prevent these pests from digging into the moist soil under your property anytime. You have to make a solid plan to make sure that the termites will not be able to get under your home. After which, you can perform termite control around the whole year.


The best way to avoid the damages caused by pest termite is to prevent them from invading your house in the first place. Once the weather becomes hot and it starts to rain, you should be mindful of what’s happening under and inside your house. Look for any leaks and holes and fix these defects right away. This could help you avoid a lot of trouble and headache in the future.

Check the bathroom and kitchen as these are the areas where running water is used. You should check the pipes running below the house and make sure that the pipes and wood fit tightly. There should be no leak of any kind. If you find leaky parts or areas where termites can enter, you should plug them up instantly before any damage occurs.

After checking the pipes, you should create a termite control plan. Decide whether you will include chemicals in the plan or not. Using chemicals is the best way to get rid of termites. Termite control chemicals are manufactured in a manner that they are not harmful to people and pets. Applying the chemicals during the peak season when these pests attack can help you get the best results.

You can also look for a termite extermination company to do the job for you. These companies have access to the best equipment and treatment solutions for termite infestation. Just make sure that the ones you will hire are really reliable. You can read reviews about the services of the company you’re interested in. Call the company and ask for references. If the staff refuses to give you this piece of information, it is best that you move on and look for another company.

Cost of Treating Termites, All The Info You Should Know

Understanding the Cost of Treating Termites

One of the most annoying pests that most property owners dread the most is termites. These pests often cause structural damage to a building. However, many homeowners may not really be aware of what termite treatment entails, so they would often get surprised by the cost of treating termites, as it can be quite high. There are various types of termite treatment methods, and most are based on the area treated and the size of the property.

If you think that you have a termite infestation in your office or building, it is a good idea to contact a reliable pest control professional. They will identify whether these pest are present or not in your property. Termites can cause huge damage to your home structures even before you become aware of the infestation.

Vital Points to Consider before Hiring a Termite Treatment Company

  • The cost of treating termites for large pest control companies is often higher than the smaller ones. This is mainly because they have a lot more things to pay for. Therefore, when you choose to hire these companies, you’re actually paying for other things like the training and labor, insurance, taxes, licenses, the cost of equipment and equipment and other things that the large company needs to pay for.
  • After termite inspection, you can buy a treatment plan. With this, a company will come out yearly to either check or replace monitoring bait situations or perform preventative treatments. The cost of this service varies, but it could be anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars.
  • Chemical treatments are often charged by the linear foot, instead of the square footage of the home. On average, the cost per foot is about four to sixteen dollars. If you prefer, you can do it yourself, which can save you up to eighty percent.
  • Fumigation is the most commonly used method to treat drywood termites. It is very costly and its cost may increase with the size of the property being treated. This treatment method can raise between 1,300 dollars to 1,500 dollars for every treatment.

Make sure to remember such points before you consider hiring a professional to help you eliminate termites from your home.

The Cost of Treating Termites using Different Methods

You’re probably aware that there are different ways to kill termites. The cost depends on the method you use and the company you hire. If you are wondering about the cost of various treatment methods, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Cost of Heat Fumigation

If you think that heat fumigation will work for you in treating termites, always consider the hidden costs. It is important for a home to be tended in similar way as gas fumigation when treating an entire house. Remove everything in house that is sensitive to heat, including the furniture and plastics. The process also varies in cost, but you can anticipate prices of 1,250 dollars for a 1,250 square foot property and above.

Although spot heat treatment entails fewer additional costs, it can be more difficult to maintain a constant temperature. Some termites may also leave the treated area, which leaves the prices high.

The Cost of Oil Termite Treatment

This type of treatment method involves drilling holes into the infested wood area and then injecting the orange oil. This method works only on small areas where you discover a termite colony. Since you need to directly treat the infested wood, this shouldn’t be used as the sole method of termite extermination. This can be combined with other ways to kill termites.

When it comes to the cost of treating termites using orange oil, the price varies considerably. It is of note that orange oil is just a temporary solution to get rid of termites and additional ways should be implemented to prevent any infestations in the future.

Termites are every homeowner’s enemy, as it silently damages the structure of their home. When left untreated, the problem can get worse, leaving your home entirely damaged. Its resale value can also be gravely affected.

If you are thinking of hiring a professional to help you get rid of these pests, you need to be aware of the cost of treating termites.


Termite Estimate, Here’s All The Info You Should Know Now!

Termite Estimate

When you discover termites in your home, you need to find a termite control company. Your home is one of your biggest investments, so you need to make sure that it is in good condition at all times. Termites can eat the wooden parts of your home and make the overall structure of the property weak. You don’t want that to happen. If you want to know how much it would cost to get your home treated, you should contact several termite control companies in your area to get a termite estimate.

DIY vs Professional Treatment

You can exterminate the termites on your own if you want to save money, but this is not exactly recommended. Chemicals for do-it-yourself termite extermination are cheap, but manufacturers compensate for it by using chemicals that don’t get into the core of a structure to truly eliminate the termites. These chemicals also leave a substantial toxic residue that can harm your health. When you hire a termite extermination company, you don’t need to worry about such matters. The results will pay off for the treatment cost.

Factors Affecting the Termite Estimate

If you are worried about the cost of hiring a termite extermination company, getting some termite estimate will help you prepare the right amount of money for the job. The estimate will depend on various factors.

  • Extent of infestation – If the structure of your house is still intact, the estimate will be less expensive than the cost of treating a property that has been eaten through by the termites.
  • Size of your house – The bigger your house is, the larger the area the termite exterminator needs to cover.
  • Treatment used – Termite extermination companies usually use fumigation, repelling, tenting or baiting. Fumigation is the most common method and it uses methyl bromide or vikane gas to exterminate the colony. In baiting, the termite workers are lured to consume termiticide-treated termite food. When they return to the colony, they will eradicate the rest of termites with the food they returned with. Repelling is the cheapest method, but it only works on new colonies. Tenting is the most expensive and effective treatment method and involves sealing the house and injecting it with termiticide.

You should contact several termite control companies and ask about their termite estimate before calling someone to inspect your house. Once you have the termite estimate, you can pick which termite control company should perform the initial checkup of your property. If you are told that there is an infestation in your house, you should think about getting your home treated as soon as possible.

Don’t be disappointed if the inspector tells you that it will take about thousand dollars to treat your home. You can always get a second opinion if you want to. Your house protects you from the rain, sun and other elements, so you should also do your best to protect it from pests and other factors that can damage it. There is always a pest control company that suits your needs and budget.

Termite Liquid, Here’s All The Info You Should Know Now!


Termites can attack your house without your knowledge. If you want to protect your house from these pests, you can use termite liquid or termiticide to get rid of termites in your home. Just because your home is brand new doesn’t mean that you won’t have any problem with termites. Before the termites attack your home, you should prevent them from gaining entry to your property. Using termiticide is one of the most common methods used for termite control. You can purchase it from pest control stores. If you’ve found out that you have a termite problem in your home, you shouldn’t worry because you can still use termiticide to control the infestation and get rid of these pests the naturally derived way.

Where to Apply the Termiticide

You can apply the termiticide you purchased into the soil surrounding your home. The goal is to infect termites that are burrowing their way into your house and kill them before they can inflict further damage. If there are already termites in your house, you have to apply the termite liquid into the concrete or wooden cracks where you have found them. Termites love to eat wood, so you only need to buy the termiticide and follow the instructions on how to use it. Termite liquid is usually mixed with water and applied to the areas that are made of wood.

How Does Termite Liquid Work?

One of the best things about termite liquid, which is also among the reasons why it works, is that it’s a non-repellant solution. The termites won’t know that the chemical is there. When they come in contact with the termite liquid, the solution will stick to their bodies. They bring the chemical along with them when they go back to their nest, infecting and killing the entire colony in the process. The termiticide will stay in the soil and surrounding areas for some time. Applying termiticide serves as a long-term solution to termite infestation.

You should do something before termites cause damage to your house. Don’t be one of those homeowners who only take action once something happens to their property. If you ignore the problem, you will be forced to spend money on the repairs. This is more expensive and tiring than taking action early. You can apply the termiticide on your own to save money.

However, if you really want to make sure that the process will be done properly and the naturally derived way, you can hire a professional termite extermination company to do the job for you. Ask for recommendations from friends about their experience with the company they’ve worked with before. Pest control operators use different termiticides for termite soil treatments and all of these chemicals are effective and naturally derived. The termiticide remains effective for about five to ten years. For

Behringer HPX2000 Review, Benefits And Drawbacks You Should Know

Understanding the Cost of a Termite Inspection

Termites are among the most annoying pests you can find in your home or office. They may be small in size, but are very destructive wood-eating pests that can damage your property. It can even cost property owners thousands of dollars each year. In addition to treatment, the cost of a termite inspection can also be really high.

The truth is, termite can do more damage to your home than hurricanes and flooding, causing over five billion dollars in damage to properties every year. Also, termite damage is not always covered on most insurance policies because the damage can be prevented. So, whether you are selling or buying a home, a comprehensive termite inspection is absolutely essential. It will protect the lender, seller and the buyer.

When are Termite Inspections Provided?

Termite inspection is an important aspect of selling or owning a home. Since termites are among the most destructive pests you can find in a house or any building, knowing whether or not a property is infested by it is critical. Termite inspections are typically provided for one of the following reasons:

  • a condition to give a quote for termite control methods or prevention
  • a requirement when buying a home
  • a part f an annual termite service agreement
  • a follow-up after treatment, confirming the control of infestations

People are normally concerned with the cost of a termite inspection when they are selling or buying a home or refinancing a mortgage. Sometimes, it is also an insurance requirements or necessary for a routine checkup.

What Affects the Cost of a Termite Inspection?

On average, property owners who find termite damage in their home will spend about three thousand dollars for repair. However, there are also some factors that affect the overall cost of a termite inspection. These include:

  • The Square Footage of your Home

Bigger homes are more likely to have more extensive termite invasion than smaller properties. These homes also usually require more inspection hours. Therefore, if you have a bigger home, then you are more likely to spend more on termite inspection.

  • The House’s Foundation

The materials and the manner in which your house’s foundation was built can also affect the cost of inspection. This is primarily because some particular types of foundation need a tailored treatment approach to get rid of the problem. Also, if your foundation has a basement or a crawl space, it will cost a lot to inspect and treat termites more than it would on normal structures of foundations.

  • The Infestation Extent

The more damaged your building is because of termites, the higher the cost of termite treatment. Also, it will require more in terms of inspection to treat termite colonies that have affected your house’s structural integrity than it would cost treating a young colony that has affected a few areas in the house.

  • The Location of the Infestation

The primary locations for subterranean termite infestations often occur around moisture, including the gutters, air conditioner drips, leaky pipes and any rotting wood. Inspectors will also considered the location of infestation to determine the cost of a termite inspection, as there are some areas in the home where they find difficulty getting through.

In general, the cost of a inspecting your home for termites can really be costly, depending on these and other factors. If you have very tight budget, you need to think of ways to bring the cost down. One effective way to do this is to shop around and obtain more than just one estimate.

There are a lot of termite control companies that offer free estimates. You can take advantage of the services they offer.

Knowing that you are dealing with termite infestations can be very devastating, especially if you don’t have money to solve the problem immediately. If left unattended and now properly managed, termites can cause a huge damage to your property. Therefore, preventing these pests from invading your property is the most effective and practical way to protect your home and loved ones.

While the cost of a termite inspection may not seem cheap to many, it is still a worthy investment if you think more deeply and how it can help protect the integrity and increase the value of your home.


The Importance of Termite Inspection Training, Info You Should Know

The Importance of Termite Inspection Training!

Termites are among the most destructive pests in a building, and they do not make things easy on property owners. If you are like most homeowners, you often find it difficult to determine whether or not you have termite infestation. These annoying pests damage wood from the inside out, so you wouldn’t always know if you are dealing with termite infestation until you hire a professional inspection. These experts have gone through an extensive termite inspection training to easily identify whether or not your home is infested by these buggy pests.

Let’s start with the factors the Importance of Termite Inspection Training.

The Importance of Termite Inspection Training

A termite infestation can go unnoticed for a long period of time until the damages get worse. By then, it can often too late and hard to bring back the integrity of the structure of the home. It could also easily get out of control, which can cause homeowners to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repair.

In order to eliminate termites from your property, you need a comprehensive termite inspection done by an expert. Regular maintenance is also crucial to eliminate or mitigate the problem. If you want to make sure that you are getting most out of termite inspection, hire the most experienced and highly trained termite inspectors.

Reasons Termite Inspection Training is Important

Termite inspectors play a vital role in helping homeowners ensure that their properties are free from these destructive pests. They are equipped with the right tools and employ advanced techniques to help mitigate the problem.

Termites continue to attack a property as long as the conditions are favorable to them. If the problem is not properly addressed, these creatures can destroy your dwelling or property. Therefore, professionals must always be updated with the newest approach to getting rid of these tiny pests to protect your property, as well as your finances.

With proper termite inspection training, homeowners will have peace of mind knowing that those dealing with their property are licensed and trained. They will also live comfortably, with the knowledge that their property is protected.

Hiring a reliable pest company that’s licensed and has essential insurance covers is vital. For instance, it’s important for inspection and treatment services to have a license to use different chemicals and pesticides. Those who are trained to conduct a termite inspection service are equipped with the best tools and products that can help them during the process, from start to finish. They are qualified and licensed exterminators who can handle your termite problems efficiently and professionally.

Termite Inspection Training for Termite Experts

Due to the chemicals and tools used to eradicate termites, a termite inspector training is important ad inspector should be licensed in the state or city they work. A comprehensive training for termite inspection is important, so that the experts will be able to effectively meet the growing needs of customers.

If you are an inspector, land a job with a good pest control company. When you have undergone the required time on the job of your state, take the test in order to gain your license. Alternatively, you may earn a certification that will teach you how to identify the different kinds of termites and termite damage that can affect a building. You can also take a correspondence course to help you prepare for the examination.

Once you have obtained your license, do not stop training. You need to renew your license as a termite inspector on a regular basis. If you want to renew, just prove that you have obtained continuing education credits. This is necessary because the regulations for the use of chemicals and pesticides changes regularly.

Final Words

To remain up-to-date of the termite inspection services and strategies, professionals need to take various trainings to improve their skills. Many homeowners are now turning to professional pest control services, so if you want to become the ultimate destination to the best termite inspection services, get continuing training.

For homeowners, don’t stress or get frustrated wondering whether or not you have an infestation in your building. Let the most trusted and highly trained termite inspectors to handle the problem for you. They have obtained an extensive Termite Inspection Training to cater to your unique needs. This is also to make sure that they are getting the most out of their hard-earned money.


Thank you for reading our article: The Importance of Termite Inspection Training, Info You Should Know.

Termite infestation, Here Is All The Info You Should Know

A termite infestation can destroy your home easily. But, you don’t have to worry because it can be prevented. Would you like to know what steps must be taken so as to avoid your home being damaged by this annoying insects? This article will give you insights about termite infestation, how to do away with termites, why you should hire a termite exterminator as well as how to choose the best termite exterminator.

What is Termite?

Termites occur in diverse sizes which are specific to their work in the nest. Termites is one of the most popular Georgia bugs. It is worth it to know their features and characteristics and how they wreak havoc to your home.

Regular termites are usually about 1/8 to 3/8 inch in length. Cream, pale colored. These are the one that many people recognize with a slightly virtually translucent body. They forage for food and bring them back to the queen.

A solider termite has a body which similar to which of the worker, however they have a huge, deck head with enormous claws. It has a brown head and also known as the Defender of the Colony. Soldier termites have a long, armored head and mandible able to cut an enemy ants in two.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Signs of termite infestation include earthen tubes extending over the foundation of your walls, sill plates, support piers, floor joists etc. Usually mud tubes are approximately the diameter of a pen, however oftentimes could be thicker.

To know if a termite infestation is active, the tubes might be broken open and you will see the existence of creamy-white worker termites. Once a tube became vacant, it doesn’t essentially mean that the termite infestation is inactive. These annoying pests often abandon parts of the tube while foraging elsewhere in the structure.

Often, there’ll be no visible sign that your home is infested by this pest. Infestation could go undetected for many years. They could be found hidden behind insulation, walls, floor coverings as well as other obstructions. Termite damage and feeding could even progress unnoticed in wood which is exposed as the outer surface is normally left intact.

Knowing to eliminate termites is very essential. Even when you never experienced this issue in your own home you should still know what to carry out in case of emergency. Experts proved that termites could survive almost everywhere. Why not nesting in your own home then? If your house has a wooden structure then you may be sure that you’re in danger of termite infestation.

It is very essential to get rid of termites right away if you noticed some signs of infestation. Although you can perform the extermination, still it is best to get the service of an expert.

Why Hire Termite Exterminator and How to Choose One?

The worst thing that could happen to any home is the infestation of pests most especially termite. You can opt to get your home destroyed literally or exterminating them forever. Once termites zeroed in on eating you out of your home, it is very essential to hire a professional termite exterminator to get rid of the issue. Termite exterminator is dedicated in this kind of service and they are skilled and good at it. You can try to eliminate these termites, but chances of treating the infestation from its source and preventing them from breeding is most unlikely.

Besides you will need pesticides or insecticides in doing the infestation and it is extremely risky for you, your loved ones and of course the environment if you do not have experience in dealing with this kind of pest. Also, a number of chemicals can just be utilized by people certified to handle them.

A professional termite exterminator has vast experience, complete training and has undergone broad studies, so they are highly knowledgeable about the nature of this pest and the effective ways to treat them. Inexpert people sometime can’t tell the difference between insects. Most often, they mistake ants for termites.

A professional termite exterminator is adept at knowing the difference and can identify easily the specific kind of termite invading your property from the other hundreds of species. It is important to know these things in order to come up with appropriate measures.

Final Words

There are lots of benefits in getting the service of an expert termite exterminator. First off, they can sense even the most unclear telltale signs which normally indicate termite infestation. Through getting the service of an expert, even these infested parts could be fixed easily. For any untrained eye, the overall damage of termite infestation can be very serious before they ‘re even aware of the issue. Getting rid of termites is just a matter of understanding what to look for.

Termite deterrence and extermination go hand in hand. While home gets treatment for termite infestation treatment, it also requires proper prevention. Expert termite exterminator has all the needed tools, chemicals and equipment in order to eliminate termites that ordinary people like you don’t have experience or know how. No matter what part of your home, inside or outside, experts have years of experience and knowledge. They will know the best products that are most suitable to utilize in specific locations.

An expert exterminator can also assist homeowners even if they have not experienced termite infestation. When planning to build a new home, you can ask advice from experts and have them treat the foundation and the ground you’re building on. Also they can give termite inspection when you are planning to buy a new home. In the way, you will not run the threat of buying properties infested by termites.

There are important things which make getting the service of an expert termite exterminator the right thing for you to do once faced with serious termite infestation. The cost of getting their service is nowhere near the risk of losing your home due to these pests. You have to do everything to save your most expensive properties.

Treatment for Subterranean Termites, Here’s All The Info You Should Know


Subterranean termites are particular types of termites that can certainly cause serious damages to wood if left unresolved and untreated. Good thing is that there is surely one possible and proven effective treatment for Subterranean termites available today that you can consider to help you prevent or completely get rid of termite infestation.

Choosing the Best Treatment for Subterranean Termites that Suit Your Situation

The Subterranean termite treatments have dramatically changed over the last 2 decades and there are many products, application techniques and treatment options that individuals can use for more effective termite control.

Subterranean termites are now widespread and since these pests are ultimately abundant, prevention alone is not enough. The following are possible choices of treatment for Subterranean termites that you can follow now to save your property from the serious damages caused by termite infestation.

  • Liquid Termiticide Application 

The liquid termiticide is commonly applied underneath and around a particular structure completely covering areas that termites may gain access. For all those new constructions, this application is being accomplished through treating foundation walls and graded soil prior to pouring the slab. For existing buildings, perimeter of foundation is drilled and trenched and treated with termiticide. The main goal of this treatment is to put chemical blanket between the soil, the termite and the above structure. This chemical blanket can also affect the termites inside the building by means of getting rid of their successful returns into the soil. In many instances, termites die because of dehydration. 


  • Repellent Termiticide


There are actually various repellent termiticides offered in the market today. These are entirely pyrethroids or known as fast-acting nerve poisons which are ultimately toxic to the termites however, have low toxicity on mammals. These are also highly repellent to termite and in many instances, repellent enough that termites tend to rummage underground and avoid coming in contact with forage and termiticide elsewhere. But still, individuals have to note that this treatment for Subterranean termites has its own sets of disadvantages and advantages. One of the biggest advantages of this treatment option is that this can effectively prevent termites from coming into the property or structure.

  • Termite Baits 

If you wanted to take a different approach to termite control, you can consider termite baits. Rather than trying to protect a particular structure by means of creating chemical blankets between termites and building, termite baiting is a better option because this particularly target the termite themselves. These termite baits are especially designed to eliminate or suppress termites colonies living in soil.

These Subterranean termite treatments are all helpful however; a thorough inspection must first be done by a highly trained and experienced pest management expert. This is a means to figure out the infestation and confirm the best treatments. This management expert will also confirm the effectiveness of the chosen treatment for termites.

But before deciding on the best treatment for Subterranean termites, make sure to weigh your options and discuss it with a professional in this field.