How to Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home in the First Place

How to Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home

Termites are tiny, voracious, and swarming creatures of nightmare. Because they keep on nibbling on wood, termites are considered a major plague to every homeowner. If you don’t know how to prevent termites from entering your home, then you might end up losing it to them. Imagine this, a colony of termites would reach up to a million and it would constantly nibble on wood, eating away all your wooden structures. Sooner or later, your house would collapse.

Of course, you want to keep your home safe. So, how do you stop termites from destroying your home?

Prevent Termite Entry

Home termite preventionHindering and sealing all possible access points is one of the best ways to prevent termites. Termites often enter through small gaps around your house. Usually, it’s where the wooden areas of your house meet the ground. Therefore, if you eliminate the contact between the ground and your house, then the likelihood of having termite infestation would be avoided. It is also a good idea to perform a termite treatment on all wooden areas to discourage termites.

Reduce Moisture

preventing termitesReducing the moisture inside your house is another effective method on how to prevent termites. Termites need moisture and humid environments for them to thrive. Eliminating moisture and reducing humidity levels will not only keep them in check but also create an unfriendly environment for them. Address the moisture problems by fixing broken plumbing, damaged gutters, and cleaning up puddles. Also, use a dehumidifier and improve the ventilation system of your house.

Starve Them

Get rid of termites by starving themIf you want to know how to prevent termites, then you should know how to starve them. Like any other creature in this world, termites need food to survive. In this case, they need cellulose. This means termites do not just eat wood. They also eat paper, cardboard, and carton boxes. Thus, get rid of unnecessary lumber, wood, paper, boxes, etc. around your house. If you can’t avoid it, make sure that you store them away from your home and away from the ground.

Don’t Use Untreated Wood

Untreated wood for termite treatmentWhen building your house, repairing the damaged areas, or constructing fences and other wooden structures around it, it’s best to only use termite-treated wood. Termite-treated wood would deter would-be invaders. Moreover, it would ensure the protection of your property. When using termite-treated wood, make sure that the protection it offers would last for a long time. You’d only be risking your property if you opt for wood with minimal termite protection.

Inspect Your House

termite inspectionThe key to preventing termite infestation in your house is to routinely perform an inspection. If you keep a close eye on your home, you can easily spot signs of termite activity and prevent it from spreading. Start by inspecting the foundations. Look out for mud tubes, which termites use to travel incognito. Tap on wood and listen for any hollow sound. Watch out for bubbling or cracked paint. Inspect exterior wood and furniture for any noticeable signs of damage or termite excrement. If you want to know how to prevent termites, then you should prioritize house inspection.

Call the Experts

call a termite expertNo matter what you do or learn, you can never beat the experts when it comes to how to prevent termites. This is why if you want to protect your home from termites, it’s always best to call in the experts. Schedule an annual termite inspection from a certified termite control service or professional. They can easily address the areas of concern win and out of your house. A professional can also enumerate various preventive measures that will protect your home and prevent termite infestation. If there are signs of termites, then they can easily provide you with effective termite treatment.

There’s always a limit on what you can do to prevent termites. If you want to make sure your home is protected from termites, you can always contact us for a termite inspection.




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