Rodents in California

Living in the sunny Golden State, rodents in California are creatures you often come in contact with. Like humans, many rodents call California their home. Some of these rodents are content to stay out of human way. However, many rodents in California bother us, enter our homes, and cause various problems. Therefore, let’s take a look at the common rodents in California.


Squirrels are common rodents in California. Many squirrels are elusive and harmless. However, ground squirrels and some tree squirrels are considered pests.  They are common in rural, suburban, and urban areas. Most of the time they raid bird feeders and damage plants. Some also spread diseases, worms, and parasites.


Chipmunks are cute and tiny rodents in California. Though they are small, chipmunks can cause problems for homeowners. Chipmunks have a habit of gnawing and burrowing, which causes unwanted damage.  Chipmunks cause damage to your structure (patio, foundation, decks, and walls) and cut through external wiring. They also bring trouble to your pests by spreading fleas.


Among the rodents in California, rats bring the most trouble. In fact, Brown Rats and Black Rats have overrun many cities in California. Both rat species are troublesome pests that cause damage to properties and spread diseases. They are particularly fond of living in areas with dense human populations.

Another common rat in California is Kangaroo Rat. Kangaroo rats are hard-to-see rats. They are nocturnal species and prefer to live away from humans. However, there are instances where they encroach human population by making burrows in lawns and bushes.


Mice are common rodents in California. These pests have small, slender bodies with long slim tails.  The House Mouse raids our homes for food while causing mayhem. House mice may contaminate food, damage electrical equipment and insulation, and spread diseases. The Deer Mouse, on the other hand, causes damage to furniture. It also spreads Hantavirus, a deadly disease.


Voles are rodents in California and are commonly found in rural areas. They look like mice, breed like mice, and make nests like mice. However, they don’t enter homes. They are more of a gardener’s enemy.  Voles feed on a wide range of garden plants. They will gnaw on trees and shrubs. They even cause damage to turf and landscape plantings.


Like voles, gophers are rodents known as garden pests. They are common in rural and suburban areas. Voles can destroy any well-manicured lawn. These rodents tend to create tunnels under your yard and will burst up in search of food. Unfortunately, their favorite food is plants roots, and flowers, making your beautiful garden a huge buffet for them.

If you’re having problems with these rodents in California, then you can always contact us. Treebark Termite and Pest Control will be happy to serve you and answer your concerns about these gnawing pests.






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