The 5 Common Summer Pests You Would Encounter This Season

Common Summer Pests

It’s vexing to see your summer spoiled by the common summer pests that appear during the season. Unfortunately, your favorite season is also the favorite season of household pests and bugs. While some of these critters are more of a nuisance, others are considered dangerous. These pests pose a risk not only to your family and property but also to your lifestyle. Indeed, many pests are found all year-round. But some of them are more common during the summer season.

Here are the most common summer pests that you might encounter.


The summer season is mosquito season. The warm and humid temperatures accelerate mosquitoes’ life cycle. Thus, allowing mosquitoes to breed even more. This insidious pest can transmit various deadly diseases. This includes Zika, malaria, dengue fever, and more. By eliminating all sources of stagnant water in your area, you can reduce the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. Therefore, this cuts down the mosquito population in your area.


Like their cousins the mosquitoes, flies are also active during summer. Moreover, summer is also their breeding season. Flies, whether houseflies, fruit flies, flesh flies, or blowflies, are pesky insects that buzz into your house. Not only are they annoying, but also bring a plethora of diseases. Furthermore, they are highly agile and difficult to swat away. The only way to prevent flies is to ensure your home is clean. Make sure no trash or spoiled food is left out in the open to keep these pests away.


Ants are one of the most common summer pests. They usually hibernate during the winter season. By spring, they eventually come out. During the summer season, ants will amp up their foraging efforts. This is why ants would enter homes and look for food. Although they are not as deadly as other pests, ants are extremely annoying. Moreover, they cause painful bites. You can easily deter ants by keeping your home clean and avoid leaving food. For serious ant problems, you can call for an ant exterminator.


Termites are small pests that are highly active during warm days. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise why we see termites as common summer pests. Termites are cold-blooded creatures that thrive better during the summer season. Their colonies would exponentially grow during the season. When termite colonies grow, then the potential damage they would bring would grow as well. The damage they can cause will require an expensive repair. Fortunately, a scheduled termite inspection can prevent them.

Hornets and Yellowjackets

Hornets, yellowjackets, and other similar bugs mate during the spring season. They will grow and thrive throughout the summer. You’ll find them building nests in areas beyond your reach. They are either tucked away beneath your deck, on trees, or behind walls and partitions. Hornets and yellowjackets are highly dangerous insects. When bothered or threatened, they will attack and sting people. Their stings can cause allergies and even death. Instead of handling this problem by yourself, it’s best to seek the assistance of professionals.

If you’ve noticed any of these common summer pests around your home, give us a call. Our expert pest control technicians can help you keep these summer bugs away!






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