Termite Company Ratings

Homeowners are spending extensively in roofing when building a house. Unfortunately, the sun, snow, storm, and rain isn’t always what causes headache and more money for the same but termites. It’s these tiny wood-eating vermin destroying and devastating homes when left untreated. Some people prefer treating termites personally, but there are those who put this matter into a more professional approach by hiring a professional termite company. The question everybody ask when dealing with this problem is, “How much will it cost me?”  Termite company ratings differ from one to another but these companies have a common goal of treating termite-infested homes and eliminating termites.

These are the things you need to know:

  • Termite inspection is necessary although some people think it’s not helpful. How much does it cost? The inspection itself might be free for some companies, but it may cost you around $150 upon receipt of the report where problem areas in your property are indicated. A professional inspector comes out to check important locations in your home like its foundation and to look for any indication of termite infestation or insects and organisms like wood shavings, mud tubes, drubbings, damp wood, molds, or even leaks.
  • Termite treatment plans determine the cost.  Again, doing it yourself may save you some money. After inspection, you can buy your chosen treatment plan and do preventive measures by setting up bait stations and you can replace and monitor them without professional help. This will cost around $150 to $300 when done by a professional. There is a yearly or monthly plan for this.
  • The average cost for chemical treatment is around $4 to $16 and measured by a linear Ft. Every treatment would cost from $1,300 to $1,500 by spraying chemicals in areas infested as well as possible areas of infestation in the future.  This could be less if you buy the chemicals and do the treatment personally.
  • When it comes to dry woods, fumigation is the most common treatment used. Termite company ratings when it comes to this treatment also differ since this is the most expensive and the actual cost will depend on how small (or big) the area needing treatment.  The average cost would be between $1,300 and $3,000 or even higher.

A pest company operating on a national level will be more costly compared to a local company.  But overall, these are the factors which are considered with termite company ratings:

  • How extensive is the infestation in the building or home
  • How long has it been infested
  • Where is the infestation located
  • What is the type of termite present
  • What is the treatment plan to be used
  • Which service used

If it’s just your suspicion or you’re positive of termite infestation in your house, you need to know and understand what entails in the process of the treatment necessary.  You may think that doing it yourself may actually save you money but the sad part is “may” is not guaranteed. This is a serious problem that needs immediate action.  Be guided by termite company ratings in choosing the company to best do the job in your home.


Hello, I am Aaron Cunningham. I have been in Termite Control for over 20 years. I started as a door to door canvasser for Kilter Termite and Pest Control. I worked my way up over 15 years to that of a manager position within the company. I left in 2016 to start my own company on the principal that I could do it better. We have been blessed by acquiring top talent in the industry. Our team is stronger, faster and smarter than the average termite company. Please support our mission of becoming the leading provider of safe termite and pest control services. You can find my Licenses Here: Aaron Cunningham

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