What about termite tenting?

Termite Treatment Tenting is crucial.

Termites damage windows, floors, wooden furniture and the overall structure of your house. If you find termites in your house, you should call a professional to get rid of it properly. There are various ways to get rid of termites such as baiting and repelling. Termite treatment tenting is another treatment method that involves sealing the entire property and killing the termites with toxic gases like carbon disulfide and chloropicrin. This method is usually done when the infestation is very large. Tenting will kill termites when these pests are already in every board and corner of your house.

When doing termite tenting, the premises are sealed off and covered to prevent toxic gases from escaping. Cracks, doorways, furnace doors, ventilation ducts and windows are coated with alabaster solution and waxed paper. You have to vacate your house and wrap things in air-tight plastic bags. Don’t leave your food behind. Gassing usually lasts 3 to 5 days. After that, the house is thoroughly ventilated. You are not allowed to enter the house for 2 days.

Since termite treatment tenting is expensive, it is used only for large infestations. While tenting can’t kill pests or eggs that are concealed deep in the wood, they will just die soon because they do not have any food to eat. Termite tenting should be done as necessary. Since the gases are unstable, this procedure doesn’t provide long lasting results. However, termite tenting is still the most effective treatment procedure for killing termites.

How to Prepare Your House for Termite Treatment Tenting

Since the gases used are very toxic, you need to leave your house before the scheduled day of termite tenting. Since the procedure may last 3 to 5 days, you should look for a new house where you can stay in the meantime. You also need to cover your furniture like the chairs, cabinets, tables. All corners and cracks where the gas can enter should be sealed as well. It is better to take all your food with you when you move out. If you don’t want to bring anything, you can pack the food in air-tight containers so that the chemicals don’t penetrate through. You should also take your plants and pets out of your house. Every living creature should vacate the house except for termites.

It is also important to free up space in your house so that the exterminators can move around the house without any obstruction. Since your house will be covered outside too, you have to remove satellite dishes, antennas and other things that might be on the roof. Once your house is ready for the tenting process, the termite exterminators will start spraying the rooms. The gas will circulate throughout the house and penetrate all cracks to kill the termites. The house will be closed for a few more days to get the best results. You can only go in once you’re given clearance to. Everything must be done properly to guarantee your safety.


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