Termite Remediation Cost, All The Info You Should Know


Termites are very destructive. Some people try to treat the infestation on their own to save money, but that is not really recommended especially if you don’t have any idea about what you should do. The termite remediation cost might be expensive, but the result will definitely pay off.

Signs of Termite Infestation

When you see any of the following signs, it is best that you find a termite extermination company as soon as possible:

  • When a swarm appears, it means that there’s a nest nearby. A swarm is a group of adult female and male termites that leave the nest to create a new colony. Swarming happens when a colony achieves a particular size. A swarm usually comes out during the day. When a swarm is found outdoors near railroad ties or tree stumps, it doesn’t mean that your house is infested. It means that there are termites outside.
  • There’s a mud-like material lining the walkways in a crooked pattern. It’s actually a combination of soil, saliva and feces.
  • Termites build pencil-size mud tunnels that connect the nest to the source of food. These tunnels are proof of an infestation. However, the absence of these tunnels doesn’t mean that there are no termites in the area. The pests may reach wood structures through spaces or cracks in the foundation wall. Try to break open the mud tunnels to see if there are termites inside. Termites often reconstruct damaged tunnels, which is another sign of continuous activity. Old tunnels are dry and break down easily.

Termite Remediation Cost

There are various kinds of termite treatments and the termite remediation cost usually depends on the size of infested area. When you are planning to hire a termite treatment company, you should keep these things in mind.

  • Termite treatment companies usually charge by the linear foot for their chemical treatments. They spray chemicals in areas where termites have been found. If you do the job on your own, you can save money. However, you really can’t check if the concentration you are using is enough to completely get rid of the termites. By hiring a professional, you don’t need to worry about such matter.
  • The termite remediation cost also depends on the kind of treatment that will be used. One of the most common treatment methods is fumigation. It’s usually used for drywood termites. Fumigation is very expensive, so it is usually recommended if the size of damage is extremely large. Termite extermination companies can also place monitoring stations around your property. They will return to your house and check the stations every month and replace it if needed. The bait stations can help you determine if there’s a termite invasion that is happening. This service differs in price and is usually paid for every year.

Liquid termiticide

Using liquid termiticide is another option. Termites need moisture or water to survive and they get it from the ground. If these pests can’t get to the ground, they won’t survive. Liquid termiticides act as repellents and barriers on the ground. It is injected into the base of the structure or soil to create a protective layer between the concrete of the house and the soil. Using liquid termiticide is actually a pre-construction insect-repelling method, but it can still be done by drilling holes into the earth.

  • If you are planning to hire a large pest control company, you can expect to pay more. When paying for termite treatment from such companies, you’re also paying for the business expenses, cost of chemicals and tools, licenses, insurance, taxes and other expenses that the company pays for.
  • After the inspection, you can buy a treatment plan. The company will come to your house once a year and either replace or check monitoring bait stations or preventative treatments. The termite remediation cost will vary, so ask the company about their treatment options to know what you can expect.

Don’t ignore the problem. The termite remediation cost might be expensive, but the results are definitely worth it. Ask your friends or neighbors if they can recommend a termite extermination company. Don’t forget to compare the services and costs offered by the company. Consider your needs and budget, so you can choose the right service provider.


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