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Once upon a time, Orange was a city of Orange Groves. Transporting acres and acres of locally grown oranges to market. The population exploding after the second world war means many acres of Orange Groves cut down for housing. During the removal of Orange Groves, developers would cut the trees from the base leaving the root structure intact. Subterranean Termites LOVE underground wood. The city of Orange has a lot of Subterranean Termites because Orange has a lot of underground tree roots to feed on. Termite Control in Orange doesn’t mean living with other bugs! Use a treatment that controls all bugs and termites

Treebark Termite and Pest Control Orange

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Wilma Fluer
01:35 26 May 18
Treebark has the expertise and experience in handling anything related to pest! Handled everything professionally and smoothly as well! I recommend them highly and I hope never to have to deal with pests again, but they make it easy and stress-free.
Lorie Sienna
02:12 22 Mar 18
I am very amazed with the service! I called them to schedule an appointment with them for inspecting our house and also to get rid all the pest and termites in the house. They were able to answer all my inquiries and they respond to my calls and emails promptly. The inspectors arrived on time, very professional and reliable. I am very happy that my house is now pest-free. Definitely loves to recommend Tree Bark Termite and Pest Control.
Astro Chandler
01:31 23 Dec 17
I really appreciate everyone I interacted with at TreebarkTermite. It was very easy to see they had the best customer service. Thanks for caring about your awesome safe work with satisfying result.
Wilma Freed
03:11 23 Nov 17
As the day approached for the schedule, they are proactive in reminding us of our appointment and they arrived promptly at the schedule time. While I only had my treatment done last week, so far I am having, excellent results. Cant beat these guys.
Edward Mills
00:49 09 Nov 17
Treebark Termite and Pest Control is awesome! All my pest control needs have been met and I am fully satisfied. Great pricing, as well!
Dawn Barbee
02:49 23 Sep 17
Technicians are very knowledgeable and highly skilled on what they are doing. Plus eco friendly for pets and kids. I recommend them all the time to my friends, and I'm just trying to make the effort now on the internet.
C. Cooper
16:51 04 Jul 17
As a property owner who is living out of town for the moment I really appreciate the high quality of services that I was provided by Treebark Termite and Pest Control. Our tenants were able to receive a termite inspection and treatment without leaving their home! I was very pleased with the assessment that Treebark provided. They kept me abreast of the process every step of the way. I am pleased to report that our termite problem is now nonexistent. I know that this will be my go to company for any issues I encounter in the future.
Maria Higgins
06:30 04 Jul 17
Got a call, offering a free termite inspection in my area and gave me all the details of what they could do. It was Mark that I spoke with, he was very friendly, we then set up the appointment. The inspector and exterminator they sent was on time. Did what was needed. The entire experience was harmonious. Overall, Treebark Termite and Pest Control has done an outstanding work for my family. Two thumbs up!
Mikey Chlanda
22:09 30 Jun 17
Great service! My elderly mother needed termite treatment in her home - they came out and inspected her home, then treated it. Best thing of all - she didn't need to leave her house. That was great news, considering I couldn';t get over there to get her, let alone have a place for her to stay.
Deidra Haas
13:21 15 May 17
What makes Treebark stands out from the rest is their nontoxic treatment. I have so many pets in our house and I’m afraid that they will get poisoned. They explained the process, went about it professionally, and were pleasant to deal with. I'm so happy with their quality of service. Thanks!
Markee Hinton
08:00 24 Apr 17
We have a two story house and we have no idea where the termites are coming from. My partner decided to call Treebark, they came on time and start looking all over the house. Their professionalism and expertise are so evident throughout the whole experience. Finally, they found where the termites are coming from and start the treatment. We are beyond thankful for their commendable job. Highly recommend!
Lana Ewing
03:35 04 Apr 17
Termites are my worst enemies since and had been battling them for quite a time now. I was so frustrated I don't know what to do. I was relieved when my brother recommended a pest control company. I was having a second thought at first but I called them anyways. I got a prompt response and received a quick quotation. Then had presented me assessment and the density of my termite problem. I was so amazed by their service, they arrived early on the day of extermination and wasted no time to initiate the process. Their tools are evidently innovated and updated. One week I observed the presence of the pest and none was detected! Their service is undoubtedly efficient and effective! The team sent was also very professional and highly-skilled! They are unreservedly suggestive!
Jeffrey Smethers
01:03 20 Mar 17
For the last few years every March I have seen flying insects. I thought that they were ants but I finally decided to get a free inspection from tree bark Termite & Pest Control. They sent us their inspector Caesar, he let me know that what I was seeing was actually Subterranean termite swarmers. I was shocked to learn that I needed termite treatment on my home. The treatment didn't require me to leave my house and I was able to get Pest Control included at a manageable cost for myself. I have recommended them to my neighbors and I believe one has them already.
Sandy Cunningham
00:03 05 Mar 17
Jesus came by for my quarterly pest control treatment today. I appreciated the call ahead and thanked him for the explanation of his work. Very nice man.
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Termite Inspections in Orange need to Focus on These Areas:

Termite Swarmer and Termites needing Control in Orange

Licensed inspectors should be inspecting all areas of your home. While every review should be complete, there are certain areas of the check-up that should be focal points. These areas listed below are some of the most common areas of infestation for the city of Orange. Do not let termite companies short these areas

Exterior Wood Pieces

Homes within the historic district of Orange have a high exterior wood count. The California Bungalow (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungalow) was constructed during the city’s incorporation. This style of home uses a lot of exterior paneling, window trimming, and fascia boards. The exterior of these custom homes needs inspecting every year.  Old Towne Orange can be difficult to work in because the city requires permits to work on the historical homes. Want to change your front door? be prepared to ask the city for permission. They will inspect the existing door AND the door we put in. Historical homes take professionals. We have done them before and know what your home needs to pass city code


All attics need to be inspected per Structural Pest Control Boards guidelines. Orange is no exception. Homes in Orange need to be examined more thoroughly in the attic as infestation from the exterior is more likely. Termite Damage inside the Attic is an indicator that there is an infestation within the walls. Proper inspection and diagnosis of treatment required for total control. Inspecting the attic should take more than 5-10 minutes. If your inspector does this portion quickly, chances are that he has missed something.

Sub Area

Pest sitting on a rock. Needs Pest Control in Orange BADLY

The original plans for the homes built during the city’s incorporation included raised foundation homes. Houses being built in 1955 is likely to have a sub-area. These areas have an access point inside or outside the home for entry. Often this area is one of the least inspected areas of the home due to the difficulty of entry. Regular inspections should take place. I mean most people haven’t been under their own house in years. Think about the last time you were under your house. Pay someone like me to go underneath there.

Garage Framing

Typical Orange construction included a single car detached garage located in the back of the home. A long driveway is not uncommon for parts of Orange because of the Detached Garage. It should be inspected thoroughly due to most residents choosing not to drive into the garage. I have seen cases where the driveway is for parking. Storage needs inspecting annually as otherwise, infestation builds sight unseen.

Why Does Orange Suffer from Drywood Termites?

Drywood Termites have a smaller colony size and shorter maturation cycle. Shorter maturation periods allow for the colony to produce winged Alates much quicker than Subterranean Termites. Once the Swarmers have been born, they prepare for flight and re-infestation elsewhere. In clinical studies, Subterranean Termites usually take five years to produce Swarmers whereas Drywoods 2 years. This allows Drywood Termite colonies to spread more rapidly leading to widespread infestations citywide.
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How to control Termites in Orange

Treebark Termite and Pest Control tackles termites from the “everything or nothing” approach. We only perform services that control all termites on the property not just Drywood or Subterranean. Competitors of ours might offer Drywood Termite Control via Fumigation (tenting the structure) while not addressing the potential for a Subterranean Termite Attack. This causes frustration when a Subterranean infestation appears at a later date. These types of competitors seem inexpensive until you add their prices up and compare to our regular Treebark service. Covering both types of termites is the solution.

Things You Should Consider About Termite Control

Orange Extermintor Writing An Estimate

My Technicians are Live Scanned (FingerPrinted), Drug Screened, Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Fumigation tarp guys do not submit to any of these things. In my opinion, there are burglaries because of it. Yes, you might trust the field representative you’re speaking with, but do you trust the tarp guys who show up to actually do the work? Remember, their fumigation tarp guys are going to be inside your home, opening your cabinets and drawers. Not the salesman.

Long Term Termite Solutions

How long do you plan on being in your home? If you plan on staying put, prevention and maintenance is the best solution. Letting termite damage build is a recipe for disaster. Estimates for termite damage repair come back in the THOUSANDS. Wood ain’t cheap and we are running out of it. A bill today might be 20% higher within 18 months. I have seen this so many times, people put it off and the lumber yard goes through a price hike.

What are your standards?

As you age performing the maintenance of the house becomes harder. Hire us to maintain the home to your standards. Termites and Pests are not acceptable. They are dirty, filthy, disease-carrying problems. These pests must be dealt with immediately before your family’s health is at risk. Termites cause all sorts of other issues, including rot and weakened wood. Whatever your standards are, we maintain them.