4 Astonishing Reasons House Cats are Pest Control Wizards

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Sure, they are cuddly and sweet, but what do cats do to ward off rodent infestations? It turns out they do a lot more than we think. These natural-born hunters have our backs against incoming rats and mice, even if they are acting for more selfish reasons.

1. Cats Find Rodents Before You Do

With their keen sense of smell, ears built to pick up higher frequencies, and their urge to hunt only the tiniest and fuzziest of creatures, cats are the natural enemy of rodents. Cats are attracted to areas where rodents have been, and will often come to these places to sniff and investigate. If there is an unidentified rodent problem in your house, or even if there are no signs of rodents yet, pay attention to the places that your feline frequents. They may have already have tracked down the nest.

2. Felines Offer Free Round-the-Clock Pest Control

Mouse traps must be purchased, exterminators must be paid, rat poison must be placed carefully and guarded, and tenting is a logistical nightmare. House cats, on the other hand, are happy to track down any rodents they can reach, and you never have to ask them twice. A single house cat will never be enough to fend off an entire infestation, but they might just prevent an infestation from taking root.

3. They Scare Away Invaders

Rats and mice alike are naturally afraid of cats. Just the smell of a cat’s urine is enough to send a mouse running, and no rat in their right might would choose to make a home within swatting distance of a cat. Even if a rat misses the cat’s scent and wanders into the house, the sight of a cat pouncing will send them the other direction.

4. But Sometimes Rodents Come to Them

Rodents may be naturally afraid of cats, but something can be done to waive this fear. This something is called toxoplasma, and it is a parasite that has been called downright mind control and zombieism. Cats carry the parasite which is then picked up by rats and mice, which permanently lose their fear response to cats. So long as the cat is not openly showing aggression to the rodent, that rodent will wander near and maybe even approach the cat, making the hunt that much easier.

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Wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) sitting on hind legs and looking in the camera on white background

With sharp ears, sharp noses, and mind control, your house cat is ready to guard against the woes of rodent infestation. Remember that your cat should never have to work alone, and that Treebark Termite and Pest Control is here to help. Find out how Treebark Termite and Pest Control Can rid your home of unwanted guests including termites.


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